EASYWEB.FR , a specialized 3d video design studio, using video projection materials adapted are able to give to events an unique artistic value mixing monumental architecture and new technologies

A monumental video show
creates a single event using the innovating system of mapping 3d video Neoproj , technique that consists in applying video onto a monumental architecture playing with its forms and its volumes

Spectacular, dynamic and effective, it is intergated perfectly into a stretegy of global communication privileging new medias

Presentations, celebrations, inaugurations, exhibitions, cultural or music festivals, concerts or "sound and light" shows can become unforgetable using this technology.

According to EASYWEB.FR , a monumental video show allows to :
-give a monumental character to events
-emphasize the buildings, monuments and places of interest
-projet the spectators in a magical and imaginary atmosphere

Monumental video show

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