Bedup Saves Space by Storing Your Bed in the Ceiling
it’s a great way to live comfortably in less space, since you don’t need a bed when you’re awake, and don’t need the living space when you’re asleep. You could leave your stuff where it is, putting the bed above it. That’s the rather brilliant idea behind BEDUP, designed by French designers Décadrages. It installs in your ceiling, rather than the wall, and sort of floats down when it’s bed time. No furniture-moving required; it can stop at various heights, using a variety of braces to help it integrate with your bedroom’s furniture. It’s even possible to integrate lighting into the bottom of the bed, for use when it’s in storage mode. Watch this movie to see it in action, and hit the jump to see it installed in a living room and home office.

Save Space Storing Your Bed

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