«Things that make you move»

The sports furniture collection is primarily intended to maintain physical fitness at home but is at the same time a furniture collection that easily blends into the living space. The collection symbolizes the personal fitness and satisfies the again fashionable drive for movement. The postfossil age will enhance the personal energy consciousness and we are in search of a more efficient and healthy way of interacting with our environment. This path is being supported by the design as well as the choice of materials. The forms are reduced and limited to the essential. The materials are of natural origin and traditional techniques are combined with contemporary design.

Florian Hauswirth and Thomas Walde have developed a though provoking, five-piece sports furniture collection encouraging the user to think about energy production and use. Each piece of furniture has been adapted so that it serves not only its original purpose but also doubles up as a fitness suite. For instance the coat rack can also be used to do pull-ups.

«We like the transfer of playful ideas into simple and functional design. We like the direct interaction with the materials and are considerate of our offspring. Our products are allowed to outlive us.

The pull-up bar
Besides clothing the bar also carries us. We can hang onto it and stretch.
Ash ply-wood with veneer

The mat
Serves as a carpet and as a sports mat
Felt and leather

The bench
The bench serves as a recreational bench and is at the same time ideal to practice sit ups.
It contains the mat in the drawer.
White oiled oak.

The skipping rope
The design of the skipping rope has been inspired by fishing equipment and can therefore be stored easily.

The cup
The cup is the symbol of the collection and stands for fitness and the resulting personal success.

Sports furniture by Florian Hauswirth and Thomas Walde

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