At first glance these artworks look like they are part of a real environment! And we are just wondering…How quickly these 3D rendering programs are growing!! That’s why Alex McLeod, a young designer from Toronto, says that “I have to keep on the ball. Before I know it I'll have to teach myself how to make art again.”

He uses a number of 3D programs, three or four in total for each artwork. Some programs are good for sculpting, some for fluid simulation others for rendering. He believes that It is possible to achieve similar results with many of the leading software manufacturers releases. McLeod is working part-time in Museums and as a free lance 3D graphic designer. His 3D artworks are pretty romantic and according to his words he uses too much pine to be futuristic. His first solo exhibition will take place in the Switch Contemporary gallery, from 8 June - 5 July 2009. (2217 Dundas West, Toronto,ON)

The third dimension of Alex McLeod

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