Not everything has to be brand new. Design can arise out of recycling the past.

WIS Design at Salone Satellite, stand 42, 16th to 21st of April 2008 Lisa Widén and Anna Irinarchos will make their debut at Salone Satellite during the Milan International Furniture Exhibition. The design duo will present three new objects – all unique pieces made out of used and neglected parts from old products. With this collection of furniture, the designers explored the possibility of recycling not only materials, but also common shapes and past times. A mix of different styles from earlier decades which evokes memories. Furniture as haute couture.

Decades Chest of Drawers A chest made out of discarded drawers, find and rescued from flea markets. A mix of different styles from earlier decades, all enclosed in a single piece of furniture. The old drawers, with woods and knobs of various kinds, are enhanced by the new frame in white painted MDF. Material: Old drawers and white lacquered MDF. Measurements: W:114 cm, D:40 cm, H:100 cm 

Vanity Easy Chair An easy chair draped in bits and pieces of old leather. Out of style jackets and coats are given an opportunity to shine again in a contemporary piece of furniture. The quilt of worn leather with natural patina provides a greater value, and makes the modest chair to appear fashionable. Material: Upholstered seat in textile and reused leather from old jackets. Under frame in white painted metal. Measurements: W:85 cm, D:70 cm, H:90 cm

Shady Pendant Lamp A collection of old lamp shades, piled upon each other, creates a pendant lamp with a familiar yet original appearance. Material: Repainted old metal lampshades Measurements: Diameter:60 cm, H:70 cm

WIS Design is Lisa Widén and Anna Irinarchos, two young designers who offer fresh contemporary design in several mediums: furniture, product, interior and graphic. With a poetic and playful approach, they challenges and enriches the industrial design.

Several of their products combine traditionally shapes with new functions, creating a unique contemporary look. WIS Design’s aim is to bring wisdom and poetry to the every day objects that surrounds us. Lisa and Anna graduated from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm 2006 with a BA in art and design. They work with clients like Casamania, Design House Stockholm, GROK, Lampister and Marbodal Kitchen. WIS’s office and showroom is located in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Wisdesign Milan 2008 preview

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