The Puzzled Posters of the 2015 Athens & Epidaurus Festival

08 June 2015 No Comments

Fusing the joy of child’s play with references to the Aristotelian principles of Ethos, Pathos and Logos, the visual identity of this year’s Athens & Epidaurus Festival is a bright-coloured celebration of Greek spirit and soul. [...]

The Bohemian ROSA ET AL Townhouse in Porto, Portugal

06 June 2015 No Comments

Situated in Porto's new up-and-coming arts and design district, ROSA ET AL Townhouse offers an unconventional hospitality experience that combines a bohemian attitude with iconic modernist design pieces. [...]

True Lies: Suggestive Fashion Photography by FAKEDCANDID

04 June 2015 No Comments

Singapore-based art duo FAKEDCANDID conjured an insinuating yet brightly coloured photo campaign for the new collection of indie fashion label SOMEWHERE NOWHERE. [...]

Expressive Animal Portraits by Vincent Lagrange

03 June 2015 {1} Comment

Belgian photographer Vincent Lagrange takes expressive portraits of pets and wild animals for his Human Animal project. [...]

Barco Grill and Bar in Novorossiysk, Russia by Ample Studio

The latest project from Barcelona-based design studio Ample is Barco, a creative grill and wine bar tucked away in the port quarter of the Black Sea city of Novorossiysk, Russia. [...]

Would you buy a magazine with a cover that had been printed with HIV positive infused ink?

Although for the most part an online publication, Vienna-based Vangardist Magazine has recently released a limited-edition printed issue that some people might refuse to even get their hands on — the reason being that it has been printed with ink infused with the blood of HIV-infected people. [...]

Urban Hip Hits the Countryside at Drake Devonshire Inn in Ontario, Canada

26 May 2015 No Comments

Toronto-based design studio +tongtong is behind the eclectic Drake Devonshire Inn, a new 13-room guesthouse on the coast of Lake Ontario. [...]

Supersize Kaleidoscope in Mallorca, Spain by A2arquitectos

23 May 2015 No Comments

Part optical illusion, part real, architecture studio A2arquitectos has transformed a children's leisure area at Hotel Castell De Hams in Porto Cristo on the island of Mallorca, Spain into a colourful playground inspired by the popular mesmerising toy, the kaleidoscope. [...]