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Mysterious Assemblages of Found Objects by Peter Buechler

08 April 2015 {1} Comment
27 March 2015 - 30 April 2015

German artist Peter Buechler likes to play with anonymity through his objet trouvé assemblages and paintings. [...]

The Woodspeen Restaurant and Cookery School by Softroom

07 April 2015 No Comments

London-based architecture firm Softroom has designed this restaurant and cookery school in West Berkshire, UK for Michelin-starred chef John Campbell. [...]

'Faces + Masks' Series by Nikos Vavdinoudis Captures Northern Greece’s Odd and Unusual Customs

05 April 2015 {7} Comments

Greek photographer Nikos Vavdinoudis captures the amazing costumes and rituals of rural communities in Northern Greece through his Faces + Masks series. [...]

The Stylish World of Yachting

04 April 2015 {1} Comment

A new book by German publishing house teNeues takes a rare look into the exclusive and sun-drenched world of yachting. [...]

Light Portraits by Foscarini

02 April 2015 No Comments

Shadow, balance, rhythm, lightness, freedom, warmth, chaos and fire: just some of the words that have been poetically redefined through the beautiful light-portraiture of the latest ‘RITRATTI’ catalogue by Italian light manufacturer Foscarini. [...]

E/C House on Pico Island, Portugal by SAMI-arquitectos

31 March 2015 {2} Comments

Portuguese studio SAMI-arquitectos created this original holiday residence in the Azores by embedding a new house inside an old house's ruin. [...]

A Choreography of Lights by Studio Drift in Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum

29 March 2015 No Comments

Inspired by the way some flowers close at night and open at dawn, Studio Drift designed in 2014 its signature Shylight; five of these lights are now part of the permanent collection at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. [...]

'Under the Sails’ Residence in Madagascar by SCEG Architects

28 March 2015 No Comments

This breathtaking residence in Madagascar by architecture studio SCEG boasts a large straw roof that stretches like a ship's unfurled sail. [...]