Eating Design // Panpaati by Enoc Armengol

published in: Design By Guest, 02 March 2010

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Image Courtesy of Enoc Armengol

Guest Contribution by An Michiels

The art project Panpaati or 'Eating Design' by the Spanish artist and designer Enoc Armengol puts a smile on our face. It is 100% alive matter and 100% biodegradable and yes, it is made of bread! Armengol's installation can be seen as a reflection of our actual society. The product came to life through a fast production process and after a short lifespan it turns into almost ephemeral furniture.

Image Courtesy of Enoc Armengol

Why would one decide to create everyday objects with bread?  In Enoc Armengol's words: 'The bread represents a direct connection with nature. Using food is the most simple way to represent forms and to create something physically, similar to what Leonardo da Vinci and Dalí did in the past to create their prototypes or what children usually use to easily generate volumes to express their ideas.'

Image Courtesy of Enoc Armengol

In his designs, Armengol experiments with and reinterprets tradition anticipating the near future, where he combines new recycled and sustainable materials with conscious designs inspired by nature.
Barcelona born Enoc Armengol is a young Spanish industrial designer with experience in product research and development, spatial design and other design disciplines that he combines with experimental art concepts.

Image Courtesy of Enoc Armengol

At Virtra workshops in France, Armengol is proud to have been mentored by leading designers such as the Campana Brothers, Kaspar Salto and Aldo Cibic, for whom he experimented with recycled materials and designed environmental friendly furniture. He has worked at several well-known design studios in Barcelona, Milan and New York City. He has been invited to partake in design and art exhibitions and won several design awards, of which the ADI Medal, which he won in November 2009 is the most recent one. This award recognizes the best industrial design projects from new emerging Spanish designers.

You can watch a making-of video here:


Image Courtesy of Enoc Armengol

Image Courtesy of Enoc Armengol


Enoc Armengol

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  • friend
    dana | 2010-03-02 13:40:56

    goes together with Jim Victore's BUTTER sculptures:

  • friend
    Nathan Rodriguez | 2010-03-03 05:55:13

    Wow ! ThatΒ΄s very weird... and cool ! Great idea.

  • friend
    Maarten | 2010-03-04 16:09:36

    Don't like this. It looks like a copy of Dutch Designer Maarten Baas' series "Clay Furniture". It is also sad that there's a metal construction inside the bread. Therefore it isn't 100% edible and you can't take a bite without seeing a dentist afterwards.

  • friend
    thanos | 2010-03-06 07:55:14

    Hate it. Excuse me but we cant call every single idea, "art". Cant find a reason for such a creation to exist

  • friend
    designer | 2010-03-06 17:12:10

    I'm trying to distinguish if art is flirting with design or if design is flirting with art. For me, as a designer, this is not design, is art.

  • friend
    abhinav bhagat | 2010-03-08 08:45:40

    i was wondering about the metal rod inside the bread .... baaring the fact that it looks cool but it isnt really a usefull design ..... i wouldnt like to eat it ........ why dosent the artist make his bread components seerately and then join them with some edible stuff .... looks like a better idea to me .... and then u can actually eat the chair ..... :) :) :)

  • friend
    marcel van doorn | 2010-03-17 18:22:16

    i completely agree with Maarten, it def. looks like maarten baas clay furniture and the metal construction doesnt help either when its about eating design...i wouldnt bite in it. i'm sure he can find other ways to connect the 'premier degree' as we say in french...

  • friend
    Cognitive Enhancement Blog | 2010-05-04 00:15:14

    Those are some tasty chairs!

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