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published in: Fashion By Apostolos Mitsios, 14 February 2009

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British-fashion acclaimed designer Alexander McQueen is about to launch a smart-price, rock and roll inspired and quite edgy collection for Target. The collection is about to hit the stores on March 4, 2009. In celebration of the McQ Alexander McQueen for Target collection launch, Target will open a limited-time-only Target McQ Market in New York on February 14 & 15. So, all of you that are going to be in New York have no longer any excuses as far as the St. Valentine’s day gifts are concerned!
The Target McQ Market will feature booths made of chain link fence, distressed plywood and graffiti covered grates evoking the gritty ambience of Camden Market and nostalgia of a rock ‘n roll club. The Target McQ Market will also feature young NYC artists who will be creating one-of-a-kind pieces using prints, fabrics and embellishments from the McQ Alexander McQueen for Target line.

    For the official launch of McQueen’s collection the legendary and highly collectable Blythe doll is going to pose as a model. You can have an idea of what is about to come taking a glance at the amazing photos by Gina Garan. Judging from Blythe’s face, she must be quite content!


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  • friend
    Carlos | 2009-02-14 18:52:06

    So nice! Congratulations for the post, it is always exciting to discover new things -in my case- and so interesting information. Amazing photos. This web is absolutely great!

  • friend
    Andrea | 2009-03-01 10:47:13

    I think Alexander using Blythe dolls is wonderful. I love these dolls and am very lucky to live in Los Angeles where there is the ONLY store in America that sells these dolls. It is Valley of the Dolls on Beverly. I wish Takara would make the African American doll used in the shoot for real. She is beautiful.

  • friend
    Richard Smith | 2009-05-05 16:26:05

    You can read more of the 'back story' about the Alexander McQueen for Target collaboration and Blythe at the link below ... enjoy

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