V.O.W N°17 // Made in MIMBRE

published in: Design, V.O.W By Costas Voyatzis, 28 April 2011

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Image Courtesy of TheAndesHouse®

V.O.W N°17 (Video Of the Week, 25 April - 1 May 2011)

TheAndesHouse® is a design firm that works with Material and Identity in order to create architectural products and projects since 2006. One of their most recognized projects is made in MIMBRE®, where they have designed a line of products in mimbre, generating works together with the artisans and the community of Chimbarango, Chile. TheAndesHouse® develops lines of furniture, lighting, accessories, architectural products and they also have a department focused on projects in architecture and design that can manage both the design and manufacturing processes.  Given these multiple pursuits, the firm employs a team of designers as well of a team of architects, focused on the development of products and projects.  We discovered TheAndesHouse® during this year's Salone Satellite in Milan and we invite you to learn all the secrets behind this project through a micro documentary which was recently filmed by Chilean filmmaker Joaquin Mora in the cities of Santiago de Chile and Chimbarongo.

A film by Joaquin Mora
Cameramen: Claudio Labrín, Andres Jordan, Rodrigo Astaburuaga & Joaquín Mora
Music and Audio Post: Claudio Perez (Fontana Music)
Editing by Martin Nuñez

video screen shot

Lampara C designed by Cristián Domínguez for made in MIMBRE


TheAndesHouse® , made in MIMBRE®

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    diego meneses | 2015-05-02 19:29:32

    tengan un cordial su lodo por parte de nuestro artesanos de Colombia tienen un trabajo interesante me gusta. me encante ria saber mas de ustedes ya que tienen una visión de artesanías diferente a lo que piensan nuestros artesanos. a qui gracias

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