Currently, Christofle boasts fifteen luxury jewelry collections. As the buzz around these lines continues to grow, Christofle has devoted more of its energies to designing jewelry.

Christofle unveils four new creative collections whose architectural lines exhibit the style and exceptional work of newcomers, Arik Levy and Dominique Modiano.


Arik Levy  has masterminded the encounter between sharp corners and curves. In a unique interpretation of silver geometry, he has created Intersections whose unusual shapes appeal equally to men and women.


Pleine Lune
Peggy Huyn Kinh has designed her second collection for Christofle. The artist behind the lauded Silver Story collection has now created Pleine Lune, a modern, curvaceous line symbolized by a silver sphere possessing qualities as full and lustrous as the moon.

Christofle Mondo
In her first collaboration with Christofle, Dominique Modiano takes us on a celestial journey into a world of silver chains and globes that she hollows out with brio. The result: a collection that imparts an air of lightness to solid silver.

Silver medals transformed into a Parabole… Stunning mirrors whose infinite reflections capture the light and dazzle.

Les Enchaînés – Sterling Headband
Adeline Cacheux completes her Les Enchaînés Collection with a sterling headband that transforms frenzied urbanites into modern day tiara-donning princesses.

Arik Levy and Dominique Modiano for Christofle

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