Covent Garden Super Design seeks to emphasize the current synergy between design and the visual arts with innovative and ground breaking displays that present modern design in a fresh and invigorating light.

This highly anticipated and unique display is set against the impressive backdrop of NO.1 Piazza, an expansive 20,000 square foot space in London’s Covent Garden. For the second year running this gallery show offers a truly ‘world class’ visitor experience, open both to the general public and by special invitation to an audience of international collectors, critics and designers.

The latest Covent Garden Super Design exhibition took place between 15 – 18 October with The Apartment UK Ltd, The Greenwich Village Gallery and Pierre Berge & Associes show-casing specially commissioned, unique and limited edition pieces by pioneers of international contemporary design.
The Apartment amongst other designers featured new lights by Marcus Tremonto from his collection “Lightworks”, a powerful process of illusion.

Some beautiful images have just arrived in my inbox, ready to be shared!

The light in the pictures is called HAL and is a hanging double sided mirror piece that is about 7 feet tall by 48" wide. As you can see it is from our mirrored Getty series but we had never made on this large.

It is a limited edition of 6 and available through The Apartment/Patrick Brillet.

Marcus Tremonto at Covent Garden Super Design

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