Lauren Del Vecchio Zaleski

writer-artist, UNITED STATES- [02 August 2010 - 30 July 2012]
Lauren Del Vecchio

Lauren Del Vecchio is a born and raised New York City girl.  She has always had a passion for her city, and keeps close to the pulse of what is going on in the creative world.   Lauren graduated from New York University in 2004.  From there, she explored different jobs in the creative and entertainment industries including event production and some time at the prestigious Creative Artists Agency, but her true happiness is creating art and writing, which she has pursued over the past few years.  Writing has always been an essential part of Lauren’s life.  Growing up in NYC, she had tons of creative influences around her and finds inspiration in the energy of not just her own, but cities around the world as well.

Lauren is a creative consultant and is currently working on her own pieces influenced by the past four years of her life as a young patient with heart failure.   Lauren considers Yatzer a family that she belongs to.  The opportunity to interview talented people deeply inspires her and her work. Most compelling are the stories and the human conditions behind the art and design, and this is what is most important for Lauren to share with Yatzer readers.

{Lauren suffered from a chronic illness called Scleroderma and she passed away on July 19th, 2013}