The First Corporate Identity of The Bauhaus-Archiv Museum in Berlin

30 September 2014 {1} Comment

54 years since its inception, the Bauhaus-Archiv Museum in Berlin is set to debut its first-ever corporate identity. Meet Sascha Lobe, creative director of Stuttgart-based design studio L2M3, for a deeper insight into what is his most paramount project. [...]

The Geometry of Pasta

Living in a time where eating is an obsession and where being a foodie who incessantly discusses the top brunch spots or the best places to buy rare ingredients could not be more in vogue, nothing is as exciting as a well-designed and convention pushing cookbook. And 'The Geometry of Pasta' is indeed one such thing. [...]

Monument Valley: A World of Impeccable Architecture, Geometry and Landscape Twists

06 May 2014 No Comments

A game which uses new game mechanics and it's built around the premise of guiding Ida, a silent Princess, through mysterious architectural landscapes leading her through monuments, hidden thresholds and turning stairs all the while avoiding the enigmatic Crow People. [...]

Emoji-nation by Nastya Ptichek: Does Art Need An Interface?

29 April 2014 No Comments

Check out the mash-up art of Nastya Ptichek, who mixes high art with emojis and other social media imagery as part of her ongoing Emoji-nation project. [...]

What Would A House Designed By Mondrian Or Anish Kapoor Look Like?

16 March 2014 {2} Comments

Italian architect and illustrator Federico Babina was happy to take the question seriously, producing a series of playful architecture illustrations as a result. [...]

Heartwarming Cartoon-like Portraits By Geoffrey Guillin

31 January 2014 No Comments

Armed with a child-like fascination about the world and a handful of coloured pencils, French illustrator Geoffrey Guillin creates bright, wide-eyed portraits of real and imaginary characters. [...]

A Brochure Made Entirely Without Energy

20 January 2014 No Comments

Advertising agency Leo Burnett Lisboa has designed, printed and folded a 9-page brochure without any use of electricity, as part of the energy company EDP Group’s awareness campaign about the importance of providing electricity to developing countries. [...]

Nike’s Swoosh Invades The Elevated Realm Of 18th & 19th Century Paintings

07 December 2013 {7} Comments

What initially began as a silly past time has evolved into an interesting (if not plain hilarious) collection of 18th and 19th century paintings mashed up with the Nike logo by Italian creative wunderkind Davide Bedoni. [...]