Guest Contribution by Aaron Kirchner

In these days of restraint and cutting back, Erickson Beamon has missed the memo. Throwing moderation out the window this darling duo of Vicki Beamon and Karen Erickson the minds behind the fashion accessory powerhouse "Erickson Beamon" have caused a frenzy within the fashion community. Working with names like Alexander McQueen, Donna Karen, Dries Van Noten and magazines such as Vogue, Numero, I.D., and Elle, the design team is looking to conquer new heights, literally.

Introduce the Glam Rock Chandelier, harking back to the excess of the 80’s and the years of partying and rock-in-roll. Taking a queue from their thriving jewelry line of everything in excess, dripping with jewels and sparkles, it’s a new foray into glam for the home. Completely encrusted with Japanese glass pearls, Swarovski crystals, glass and antique brass this vision of glamour is available only as a custom handmade objet d'art.

Along with the custom bespoke service available in their retail location in London’s glitzy Belgravia neighborhood, shoppers can lust after the mix of quirky contemporary and vintage rings, bracelets, earrings and jewels. The exquisitely designed jewel box of a store is known to all the insider stylists, the fashion elite and celebrity, so don’t be surprise to be rubbing shoulders with an elite fashion editor or pop star. Therefore with a price tag of around $32,500 for the Glam Rock Chandelier, maybe one should start off with a pair of chandelier earrings from their collection, sure to be soon gracing the pages of your favorite fashion magazines.

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Drenched in Jewels

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