We always miss out on something…but recently we discovered a piece from the collection of the Danish industrial designer Thomas Bentzen which was designed for the renown Danish Exhibition SE, where furniture manufacturers collaborate with young designers for the creation of unique furniture pieces which are exhibited annually since 1981 in special Exhibition Centers throughout Denmark.   This year the exhibition was hosted at the famous Rundetaarn Tower.

In this years SE exhibition _ “FIFTY-FIFTY” (November 22, 2008 – January 4, 2009), Bentzen designed the furniture series “LIBRARY”.  The name of the furniture series is derived from the functionality of the piece, and not by its appearance as the three furniture pieces look like wooden houses with a roof and windows made of steel.  The windows are used for storage space of magazines, books and whatever else needs the shelter of a cozy house!

It should be noted that the talented Dane recently impressed us with his collaboration with his compatriot and colleague, Peter Johansen which as a result had the creation of alternative outdoor seating furniture, inspired by the fence of a typical Danish country house yard.  Of course we are referring to STAKIT (image above), which constitutes a part of the New Danish Modern Collection of Normann Copenhagen.

For further details on Thomas Bentzen’s work please refer to the following wed addresses:

LIBRARY by Thomas Bentzen
Specs/ Storage space and room divider
Material/ Solid ash wood & powder coated steel Measures/ 100 x 40 x 90-115-140 cm
Date/ 2008
Made by/ FBJ Inventar-snedkeren & BCI
Status/ One off (so far)
Photo/ Jeppe Gudmundsen Holmgreen
Design/ Thomas Bentzen

Home Sweet Home by Thomas Bentzen

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