Don't you think it's about time you brought some fresh autumn air in your life? Then try some new textiles. We love textile possibilities because it is one of the cheapest and more effective methods to end with boring interiors/looks and you can use it in so many creative ways, from cushions till wallpapers. It is always interesting to find out new patterns and colors and designers that want to make something new. And there is no better place to get inspirations than visiting the SHOW OFF textile exhibition that every year gathers in Paris la Crème de la crème of creative design.

by Julien Colombier

For it’s second edition, SHOW OFF chose 19 textile design studios and it really took us a lot of time and effort to make up our minds. Located in central Paris, this professional exhibition unites designers with the same creative approach : optimism, audacity, curiosity, and a desire to find new ways of working and opening up to the world. This year's novelty was the creation of the “T-label”. This label’s goal is to unite pattern designers, to promote a more creative side of textiles and to elaborate a real network of skills and ispirations. During this years SHOW OFF edition (14-17 of September), celebrated at Studio Mode of Paris, we were able to discover, apart from the designers' new textile collections, some unpublished samples created during “les 24h du MOTIF”. A selection of objects, created by the designers under their own brands, was also on display.

by Claire Leina

Participating textile designers, SHOW OFF 2009:

  1. Julien Colombier
  2. Alexandra Jean
  3. Baleine Rouge
  4. Jeanne Boyer
  5. CDMB-Designers
  6. Marie-Ange Crespo
  7. Marie Wagner
  8. Duette Design
  9. Elisabeth Hamon - Lily H.
  10. KPDP
  11. Claire Leina
  12. La Maison de Liouba
  13. Mass Confusion
  14. Négare
  15. Lydia Raev
  16. Studio Lålo Retsgen
  17. Elise Taurel
  18. Marion Bardavid
  19. Hélène Barrier
  20. Elsako

We chose for you our favorite ones. It's up to you now to decide!

by Claire Leina

by Alexandra Jean

by Mass Confusion

by Lydia Raev

by CDMB-Designers

by Hélène Barrier

by Marion Bardavid

by Jeanne Boyer

by Jeanne Boyer

by Elsako

by Marie-Ange Crespo

by Duette Design

by Négare


the flyer of SHOW OFF 2009

the flyer of SHOW OFF 2009

SHOW OFF 2009 // New blood in textile design

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