What? Aqua Creations is a design studio that originates artistic ideas into design objects bringing together an organic aesthetic and an appreciation for practicality. Aqua Creations displays an assorted range of lighting and furniture lines, completed with specified custom designs and unique light sculptures.

Why? Aqua Creations offers exclusive products to the global marketplace without compromising the design integrity and artistic quality. The company portrays itself as a studio, where the hand-made imprimatur still remains, and it is an essential concept in preserving top class standards. The team of skilled artisans works on each product individually, thus ensuring each one remains a piece of art as well as a product of design. Aqua Creations intends to keep this approach as an integral part of the company’s vision through a continuous growth of product development, manufacturing and distribution process.

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Where? Aqua Creations is headquartered in Tel Aviv with two additional flagship showrooms and distribution centers in New York and Shanghai, and the sought-after designs are displayed and distributed throughout over 100 locations worldwide. A virtual realm of internet variety of information on Aqua Creations can be found through search engines and through major industry directories, such as Architonic and Stylepark. Full information on Aqua Creations can be found at www.aquagallery.com

Who? Designer Ayala Serfaty and photographer Albi Serfaty founded Aqua Creations Design Studio in 1994. Ayala Serfaty is known as an innovator of sophisticated original design concepts. Her biomorphic shapes and highly stylized objects emphasize life’s beauty and harmony. Ayala Serfaty is a world accredited designer whose works have been exhibited in museums and galleries in Europe and the US. Serfaty’s latest SOMA light sculptures will be showcased in a solo exhibition at The Tel Aviv Museum of Arts, opening November 2008. Albi Serfaty is an acclaimed photographer who has been producing Aqua Creations’ artworks over the years. His images express to the best extent the essence of Aqua Creations’ appeal and are used in numerous publications all over the world.

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How? Aqua Creations applies its creative vision and unique identity through every stage of product realization. Before lighting up the urban spaces each piece goes through the process of exclusive design, advanced technology and talented craftsmanship. These are state of the art laser cut metal 3D base & hand bent wires, engineering structure work, special arrangement of diffuser and external layer of crushed silk, both treated against fire and mold. Custom pieces are tailor made according to individual preferences and specific needs. This signifies exclusiveness of each lighting sculpture or furniture piece which is truly a one of a kind hand-made object of art.

When? Aqua Creations began its path in 1994. The studio has dramatically grown over the years, and has expanded its product range, capacity and world presence. Through this period Aqua Creations’ products have maintained their authenticity, glamour, and poetic appeal.


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Anana Bench

Isa Stool

Wildfire Restaurant, Sydney

Westin Hotel, New York

Aqua Creations for 2008

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