Stitch lamp by Marcus Tremonto

The Gallery Franziska Kessler is delighted to announce the first joint exhibition of the two internationally renowned designers in Switzerland. Both deal with the topic of lines. Two different approaches lead to new objects exclusively designed for the rooms of the Zurich gallery.
Marcus Tremonto continues his innovative “lightwork” studies while Philip Michael Wolfson creates a multifunctional Corian wall table with the dynamic lines he is known for – “Why/Why not” is not about asking a question, but about playing in the organic form language of the question mark.
In our work, we both thematize the line – be it drawn by hand (Marcus Tremonto) or by computer (Philip Michael Wolfson). Important elements with both approaches are the markings, the silhouettes and the consideration of the negative space between the individual lines that allow scope for creativity and autonomous designs,” says Marcus Tremonto.
Both work in the borderland between art and architecture with close ties to design. Functionality, the surprise of the flowing line and the use of innovative materials have always been essential for the two American artists.
Marcus Tremonto’s works will be exhibited in Switzerland for the first time. Philip Michael Wolfson has already realized several interiors in Switzerland and designed numerous exclusive objects for collectors around the world. His designs are internationally recognized and acclaimed and are also exhibited at Design Miami/Basel.

left: Paper landscape, center: Spill lamp, right: Getty Landscape | by Marcus Tremonto

Spirale hanging lamp by Marcus Tremonto

Q mirror by Philip Michael Wolfson

Q mirror & shelf by Philip Michael Wolfson

Q shelf  Philip Michael Wolfson

Artist and designer Marcus Tremonto has a master in Fine Art/Painting and a BS in Mathematics and Physics. His work and his discourse are an important influence on the Design-Art movement. He works as a consultant and curates exhibitions. Tremonto received international recognition for his innovative limited edition “Lightworks” exhibited at Phillips de Pury in New York in 2007. In 2008 he created the light installation for the Swarovski Crystal Palace in Mailand.
Marcus Tremonto’s works with light and illusion are fascinating. He combines the functionality of design with the translucent quality of art. The colorful and glowing presence of his objects creates a magical sensory experience. Marcus Tremonto’s works are a tribute to the symbols of modern design.

Philip Michael Wolfson studied architecture at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and at the Architectural Association in London. For 20 years, he worked with other architects and especially his years working with Zaha Hadid have influenced his style. His work is documented in many international publications. In 2008 and 2009 Wolfson and the auction house Phillips de Pury donated an object for the Brad Pitt Foundation in New Orleans.

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"BETWEEN LINES" "invitation

BETWEEN LINES by Marcus Tremonto + Philip Michael Wolfson

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