Charles Kalpakian is a  freelance designer who has been working with Christophe Pillet since 2006 and he has also worked in the past with Frédéric Ruyant on the "Collection OZZ gallery".

His nickname is hellokarl and his belief about his work is that " It is about souvenir and dreams because we all need dreams to live in this earth "

Describe yourself in five words.
Old school, 2001 space odyssey, graffiti, city, cooker
If you could be a different nationality, what would it be?
I'm both Lebanese and both Armenian and I live in France, so I'm ok
What kind of music you like to listen?
Everything but mostly hip hop and elecro
What is your favourite design material?
What is the most expensive piece of furniture in your house?
Tom Vac chair from Roan Arad
What inspires you?
Graffiti, nature, scupture, lighting, music and souvenirs
You are going for a weekend "somewhere" and you have to invite 7 famous people, dead or alive. Where would you go and who would they be?
In a huge cabane on a baobab, and I would invite big singer, actors, personalities, designers, artists and politics of history.
Are you afraid of the future?
Describe me the perfect day?
Be with my girlfriend in our workshop, to talk, to eat, to draw, to think and to work maybe
What does space mean to you?
Something we need
Of your own design work, what project are you most proud of?
The dogs
Luxury is?
Is the culture
Design is?
"human labotory "

A little dog lighting for children and "big children". Dog brings yours books on his back. It enlights the reader with renewable energy  by pulling his tail several times it operates on a dynamo that stores energy and we provided light. material: molding vegetal resin piece (prototype work in progress)

The graffiti come out of the wall and become fonctionnal. its not just a bookshelf but a "installation", a canvas (prototype work in progress)

Rainlight & Wave
A chandelier with a glass cloud and "it's raining light" a neon
tube light. An installation light more than fonctional, you can touch the "rain and it become light".

A collection of sofa which the sewing has different color than the sofa itself

You are seating on the Hill and you have a view on the world.

Collection of furniture for those who need to be on "PAUSE" mode at home.

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Charles Kalpakian - hellokarl

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