It’s Thanksgiving Day! That day that reminds us all to be grateful for everything - including all that turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie! It means that there are only 30 days left till Christmas! Before wondering how the time has flown by so fast and breaking into a cold sweat, there’s no need to worry: Yatzer has carefully curated a selection of the most amazing, glorious and artful gifts, (and organized them by price, from most to least expensive) that are sure to perfectly resonate with each and every one on your must-give Christmas list.

From a perfect, eco-friendly doggie travel bag for the furry, four-legged jet-setter in your life, to an incredible more-than-just-a-phone that your favourite travelling techie will find indispensable, the most gorgeous gold earrings for the stylish woman you can’t stop thinking about, or a box of home-grown herbs and goodies for your favourite foodie, we’ve got you covered for them and everyone in between. Now, you just have to wish that, in return, they’ve also used Yatzer's Gift Guide to discover the perfect  present for you too. In fact… that’s a wish you may want to ask Santa to fulfil!

MusicMachine3 by MB&F

History meets technology in the 99-piece limited-edition MusicMachine3 by Swiss watch manufacturer MB&F. Featuring tunes ranging from James Bond to The Godfather, this REUGE-designed futuristic music box with its JMC Lutherie resonant amplifying base is music to any film lover’s ears; Stars Wars fans in particular will find the TIE Fighter inspired design familiar. Available in aluminium with a white lacquer finish. {video preview}

€ 17.386
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uNamed earrings by Theodoros

Like something out of a fairytale, the uNamed earrings by Greek jeweller THEODOROS, are mystifying spheres comprised of one white South sea and one black Tahitian pearl also encrusted to the hilt with smaller pearls and diamonds that “stud” their bodies, bringing them to life. Unsurprisingly, childhood dreams form the basis of the designer’s entire collection in which he is forever questioning, “What distinguishes reality?” 

€ 15.000
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Bug Bag Backpack by Fendi

Fendi’s hand-stitched, two-toned Roma calfskin and Cayman leather backpack features the label’s fun Bag Bugs eye inlay with a playful Silver Fox and Goat fur trim. The zipper pocket, fabric shoulder straps and technical mesh backing add function, while the Handmade in Italy label and the Silver Selleria plaque with engraved serial number add gravitas.

€ 3.500
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Mobiado Professional 3VG / Marrone

For your favourite travelling techie, the Mobiado Professional 3VG elevates the art of voyaging. With an anodized coating over a carved solid-aluminium frame, large sapphire crystal plates, precision inset sapphire crystal buttons and corners reinforced by golden brackets, this is a more-than-a-phone capable of the most demanding journey. The battery cover is machine engraved with the heritage Mobiado signature and each comes with a leather case handmade in Switzerland.

$ 2.915
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Celine Medium Classic Handbag

The Celine Medium classic is a fashion insider favourite thanks to its timeless super-chic design. In show-stopping antique blue Antarctic python with lambskin lining, it’s sure to please anyone looking for a bit of extra pizzazz! Find it at Luisa World, the 40 year old family run business offering the best avant-garde mix of high-end fashion to discerning customers through and their lavish stores in Athens and Mykonos.

€ 2.800
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“Being a Rabbit #00” by Kim Byungkwan

If you know any art lovers who are on the lookout for unique pieces, then one thing is certain: They’re going to absolutely love “Being a Rabbit #00” by Kim Byungkwan. Available from LA based, Saatchi Art, the world’s leading online art gallery, the artist drew the inspiration for this acrylic work on paper from observing people who lose themselves in characters thanks to the costumes they wear which explains the bunny ears...

$ 2.000
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Paolo Ulian’s Introverso 2 Marble Vase

Italian Artemest lives up to its reputation as a premier luxury home décor destination with Paolo Ulian’s Introverso 2 Vase. The Carrara marble playfully reveals its dual personality with a second silhouette in its interior; the artistically inclined may edit the vase’s original shape by using a hammer to break the marble slats to reveal this slim curved form, ensuring many double takes.

€ 1.250
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Tu Es Partout Blue Sapphire Necklace by LITO

Lito’s ‘Tu Es Partout’ Blue Eye Sapphire necklace, handcrafted in 14-carat yellow gold with black diamonds (0.018ct) and light blue sapphires (0.113ct) will surely be coveted and worn with everything, from jeans and a tee to a little black dress. Where will you find it?, the concept store featuring a curated, elegance-meets-sophistication selection of items by the most inspired Greek designers.

€ 990
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Bat Claw Earrings by Elena Syraka

Showstoppers; how else can the Bat Claw earrings from Greek designer, Elena Syraka, be described? Both handmade in 18-carat gold, the larger earring features black (0.16ct) while the smaller earring showcases white brilliant cut diamonds (0.10ct). While reflecting the fact that the bat bone is considered to be a talisman for great luck in Greece, the earrings also mirror the elegance and strength that were the inspiration behind the design, qualities that the woman who wears them is sure to possess. 

€ 950
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Fluke by TSATSAS

The Fluke handbag by Tsatsas is sure to be on many fashion-savvy individuals’ wish-list this year. With its geometrically inspired design and sophisticated slouch, each bag is handcrafted in Germany in three variations -shrunken lamb nappa, calf hair or goat suede, all fully lined in pacific blue lamb nappa - and is individualized by its own serial number; other features include one zip-fastened and two small internal pockets, and magnetic closure. Think of it as the “It” bag, revisited.

€ 855
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CENSER by Apparatus Studio

Turning the inspiration of an ancient ritual into a covetable object was not a problem in the creation of the chalice-like CENSER by NYC-based Apparatus Studio. Each spun, cast and machined brass item finds its niche either as an incense burner or as a candleholder, emitting the soft glow of a brass torch; the perfect way to create that “holiday feeling,” both during the holidays and beyond.

$ 820
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FAUNO TORSO by Artemest

With the dream of living in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence a distant reality, Artemest has created the Fauno Torso, a unique reproduction made by Galleria Romanelli of the renowned Gaddi Torso, the torso of a mythological faun. Conceived by artist Rafaello Romanelli, it centres on the anatomy and muscles of the subject for this limited edition plaster interpretation.

€ 690
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MW60 Wireless Over Ear Headphones by Master & Dynamic

Form-meets-function in the MW60 Wireless Over Ear Headphones by Master & Dynamic. Designed as the ultimate modern mobile thinking caps, these wireless Bluetooth headphones are intended to help focus, inspire and transport one’s mind. Designed and developed in NYC, these headphones feature a 4x industry average signal range and a 16-hour rechargeable battery. Combining a minimal aesthetic design with a rich, warm sound, they’re made to be used for decades to come.

$ 549
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Emerald Snakeskin Clutch by Callista Crafts

Handcrafted in Greece out of emerald-colored snakeskin, this Special Edition Callista Crafts clutch is made-to-order, and adds a chic touch to the modern woman who is sure to want to take it with her to this year’s festive events. Featuring a delicate chain incorporated in its hand-embellished signature stitching, this subtly glamorous piece offers a practical design that allows for an easy grip and portability, while the adorned wrist strap ensures all essentials are carried safely and with style.

€ 445
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Elaphos Jewelry Box by Two Is Company

A refined case to hold family heirlooms, or a decorative object in itself, the Elaphos jewel box by Two is Company is perfect in both roles. Handcrafted in Greece from black Nero Marquina or white Carrara marble, lined in suede and crowned with a cast bronze handle, this is one jewel box that is as beautiful as its contents - and perfectly exemplifies the firm’s characteristic subtle sense of luxury by combining archaic harmony with Mid-century modern design.

from € 400
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Briefcase Original Canvas by Travelteq

Timeless design meets age old craftsmanship in Amsterdam-based, Travelteq’s ultimate travel companion, the Briefcase Original. Handmade in Tuscany out of the finest tanned Florentine Vachetta leather, it features a multitude of smart details like functional interior compartments lined in waterproof nylon to store and protect all gadgets. Needless to say, it meets all the demands of that tech-savvy traveller on your list.

€ 395
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Loxsias Plateaux by Two Is Company

The organically formed, handmade marble plateaux from the ANAKTAI Collection by Two Is Company is the perfect execution of the Greek firm’s design aesthetic and idyllically mirrors the collection’s inspiration –the Minoan Anaktoro, or palace. Like all of the firm’s designs, these carefully conceived objects fulfill both functional and aesthetic elements, perfectly addressing the modern needs of those with a taste for affordable luxury.

from € 390
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THE MASON WATCH by Analog Watch Co.

Wood and marble, leather and metal. All these natural materials combine into a unique whole for the Mason watch by Analog Watch Co. Handmade in the U.S.A., these wearable pieces of art are timeless in design and function. No wonder Analog is receiving worldwide recognition from major modern art museums. Their focus on simple forms and geometry ensures that these pieces will withstand the test of time – pun intended!

$ 299
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Dog Carrier by Cloud 7

For the furry friend on your list, look no further than this stylish Dog Carrier from Berlin-based dog accessories brand, Cloud 7. Made of organic cotton canvas with a soft, removable, sheep’s wool inlay and leather handles, it checks all the boxes of simplicity at its finest, functionality at its most reliable and eco-friendliness at its most chic. After all, is there really anything more adorable than a fashionable, jet-setting pooch?

from € 249
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Tsarouhia scarf by Grecian Chic

Looking for a unique gift? The Tsarouhia scarf by Greek brand Grecian Chic may very well be what you were looking for! Showcasing a selection of colourful “tsarouhia” (pompom-ed shoes worn by the traditional Greek guards known as Evzones) hand-illustrated by Elena Zournatzi and digitally printed on 100% silk twill, these scarves with edges that have been hand-rolled in England, blends the best of tradition and whimsy and are sure to make any lucky recipient smile.

€ 175
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Looking for a statement piece? The ROSS CELL, the newest model by KYME SUNGLASSES is it! The sunglasses, with their elegant frame aesthetically inspired by a wave constructed of high quality monel Mazzuchelli material, can be found at FINAEST.COM, the online boutique dedicated to promoting the visibility of artisans – both established, as well as cool emerging designers - worldwide through its unique selection of Made in Italy products.

€ 174
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Circa Incense Burner by CINNAMON PROJECTS

The Circa Incense Burner by NYC-based creative agency, CINNAMON PROJECTS, is designed to elevate our daily routines into a ritual for the senses. Inspired by the Kodo, the Japanese art of appreciating scent, the Circa Incense Burner is meticulously handcrafted out of solid brass and packaged in a sleek, gilded paper box. Beautifully combining the use of all the senses, it makes the perfect gift for that someone who pays attention even to the smallest details.

$ 150
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Pieces of Time by Discipline

Is there somebody on your list who loves minimalist simplicity and punctuality? Then the Ash clock that German studio, Ding 3000, created for DISCIPLINE is just for them. Its unique MDF base artfully composes a 12-segment dial, while coloured minute and hour hands tell the time without numbering. This clock expresses DISCIPLINE’s ethos for creating beautiful designs for daily life, with its focus on natural materials, real values and good times.

€ 105
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Cycladic Cufflinks by Panagiotis Megalooikonomou

The perfect accent to any tailored shirt, Athenian designer Panagiotis Megalooikonomou’s Cycladic cufflinks are made exclusively for the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens. They perfectly exemplify the designers’ background in jewelry design as well as lay claim to his characteristic design style, namely his use of organic and geometric forms with an industrial design edge.

€ 95
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CTRL+ALT+DELicious! The Keyboard Waffle Iron

For the foodie on the list: The Keyboard Waffle Iron. This unique kitchen gadget featuring a die-cast aluminium design, heat-resistant Bakelite handles and non-stick baking surfaces, creates delicious Belgian-style gourmet waffles in the shape of a computer keyboard. And for those who harbour worries about connectivity, it’s “wireless” design works perfectly on the kitchen stove, backyard BBQ or outdoor grill. Breakfast has just been officially upgraded!

$ 85
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Everything Herb Gift Set by Daphnis and Chloe

For the chef or home cook searching for the finest Mediterranean ingredients, the Everything Herb Gift Set by Daphnis and Chloe is surely to be a dream come true. Three different types of oregano, bay leaves, fennel seeds and tea, among other goodies, are packaged in a lovely wood crate made exclusively by a local Greek artisan wrapped with vintage ribbons sourced from an Athenian haberdashery. A local experience in a box!

€ 68,40
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Kanati by We Design

Reinterpreting a classic Greek metal funnel, the Kanati by We Design is handmade in Greece out of local high quality ceramic and offers a modern, upside-down take for hospitality, year round. The brand’s three designer’s – an architect, an industrial and a graphic designer – are inspired by the nature, culture and history of their homeland to create unique pieces which aim to change our perception of everyday objects. Mission accomplished!

€ 59
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Anaptar by anagraphic

For the person on the lookout for something distinctive, the radial poster calendar by the 2015 Red Dot winner, Anaptar is just the ticket. Asides from enumerating days – and look frame-worthy while doing so – it’s also a source for discovery, as it displays the movements of planets. Trust us, one glance and you’ll never look up at the sky in the same way again!

€ 45
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The Shopkeepers by Gestalten

“Click To Buy” might be easy, but it doesn’t quite add up to being the same experience as entering a brick and mortar shop now does it? That’s exactly what Berlin-founded publisher, Gestalten thought to highlight with the full colour, hardcover coffee table book, The Shopkeepers (Oct 2015). From Vienna to Vancouver, this beautiful tome perfectly captures the stories of the featured shops and their unique proprietors.

€ 44
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Triple Necklace Collection by ZOET HOUT

Laser-cut technology melds with sustainability in these three necklace variations by ZOET HOUT, the Amsterdam produced label of Annemiek Davy and Merel Rozendaal. These two young product designers create original designs constructed out of environmentally responsible materials. Choose between a Triple Diamond, Arrow and/or Hexagon design made out of high quality birch wood combined with .925 sterling silver. These prove that great design can also be a good cause!

€ 35.95
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Backgrounds “Fon” or Meditation with Nature BY Maxim Maximov for Asketik

Most people worry that our modern urban lives force us to lose contact with nature. Thankfully, Maxim Maximov has designed “Fon” the plaster or ceramic containers made by the Russian brand, Asketik, in order to help restore our balance and natural rhythm. These minimalist backgrounds are intended to display different natural patterns, such as leaves, rocks, aka souvenirs found on journeys or walks in parks and forests. Bring nature home!

from € 10
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Christmas 2015 Gift Guide Curated by Yatzer

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