22designstudio was founded by several young designers who graduated in 2005 from the Industrial Design Department of National Chang Kung University in Taiwan. They named the studio "22" to keep the passion and ideas they had since they were 22 years old. In 2006, 22designstudio created a series of rings which were inspired by architecture and urban life. Thanks to Simone Sbarbati from the famous Italian blog-zine frizzi frizzi, Yatzer discovered these concrete rings today. Better late than ever!

The main materials of the rings are cement and stainless steel. The concepts involved include many issues such as environment, texture, values and human behavior. Through touching the unique textures, wearers can experience the originality and innovativeness of this series.

Read below the concept behind each ring (descriptions by 22designstudio)

Twist 3 & Twist 4
Twist the concrete ring, simplicity turns to complexity, calm turns to lively. A simple rule creates rich geometry. Divided into five layers and rotated 5 degrees each, Twist gives a new look to concrete ring.

Focusing on the interplay between shadow and light, a person wearing this ring can sense the intermingling effects of light and texture, as well as enhancing the versatility and richness of cement as a medium

Simple, powerful...a ring becomes a tool for spiritual awakening with words to remind us of the Humanity that is us. Using the inscription on this ring to send the deeper message to always remember the most important things in life: people to people, heart to heart, love is life.

Finger Size
The number on the ring indicates both ring size and the size of the person's finger, measure in millimetres. This concept aims to personify the declaration of personalization and individualism, as well as a creative symbol of self-expression

The seven sides of this ring represent the seven days of the week, infusing the designer's reflections on daily life into this seven-sided ring. Turning the sides on and  on echoes the turning of time day after day, deeply experiencing and truly living each  moment of every day.

Round ring
Drawn freehand by the designer, the circular frame of this ring acts as the beginning of a dialog between the designer and the person wearing it. The circular design creates ever-lasting space for communication and interaction between creator and receiver, designer and customer.

Corner (in front of Round ring)
Turn a corner and discover a whole new world: new places, new faces, new heart spaces. Adding corners to the ring gives the sense of creating more breathtaking room for the person wearing it. Building anticipation that something amazing is right around the corner

Concrete rings by 22designstudio

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