Nike approached Dominic Wilcox to create designs and artwork for their Nike 1/1 and 'Art of Football' projects. His creations took three forms..

words by Dominic Wilcox

Cave (34cm x 50cm)
'I created ‘Cave’ as a container for your most special football shoes. Instead of just dumpng your prized footwear in the bottom of your wardrobe (or wherever), place them in this bespoke shoe home made from model football players. Inspiration for Cave came from a number of sources, I wanted to create a mini stadium (like the Birds Nest stadium in China) with the shoes at the centre and the light passing through the gaps. I’ve always loved football and included an element from my local area with a map of bitter rivals Sunderland and Newcastle United etched on each of the shoe plinths inside Cave.'

Top Corner (art work) 180cmx180cm
'Taking the silhouette of a footballer kicking a ball I recreated the form by glueing together hundreds of plastic footballers.'

Description:20 blocks made from 8000 footballers.

Project information
13000 plastic footballers.
540 tubes of superglue.
50 tubes of plastic glue

'Gluing the footballers was certainly a challenge. It became almost a meditative process. At one point I was in 'the zone' to the point that a super glue tube got stuck to the side of my finger yet instead of spending time removing it I picked up another tube and continued on. Luckily I had much help from assistants including Mim and Roger who each have their own 'favourite' glue stories also.'


Close ups of artwork in gallery

20 Blocks, 8000 footballers

"Top corner" Art work in packing crate

Domi[nike] Wilcox

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