Cairn, stackings up, 2007
(In mountain, cairns are stony stackings up which serve for spotting passages.Tradition wants the walker, en passant in front of a cairn, to add a stone, his stone, to enrich the landmark.) 

Géraldine Husson is a 25 years old artist from France whose work is an encounter between art and design. She explores the relationship between the body and the space. The flexible materials used for her products allow movements. A soft, fluid, liquid and transferable translated for me the idea of changing state, mutant, like subjectivity, emotion, mobility ...

Géraldine Husson is sharing with us her design thoughts about her "HYBRID Objects" in an exclusive interview for Yatzer.

Describe yourself in 5 words.
I was born on the 26th April 1983 in Mulhouse. I am very devoted in my work, hard working and quite sensitive. I find it quite challenging and fulfilling producing works of art that touch people and are instantly self explanatory. For me that is my daily challenge and goal.
Describe your profession in more than 5 words!
My profession is a marriage between art, design and architecture. I explore the functions of human bodies, objects and landscape, anything really that inspires me to look thoroughly through it and open it and discover a passage through it. My quest though is controlled as I do not wish to be sucked into a deep hut of skeptism. In my work, however deep I go there is always a possible passage for return. It is very important that my creations touch me and please myself first and foremost, that is why there is always a piece of me that goes into them. This is my personal sensitive approach. Mostly the works are consisting of hybrid objects which interfere and intersect between different domains. The sensitivity aspect comes through a poetic and comforting note. Through various forms, objects, fabrics and structures the birth of different spaces are created. The last productive stage is when the public engages with the exhibits and the role that they play with every individual. These installations guide you through a whole interior space inviting you to move through a particular circulation. This is achieved by fluid transmissions and liquid structures, which express my psychotic commitment. After all, my motto is ART IS LIFE.

Black holes 2005

How did everything start? And how did you decide to go for studies in China at the Xiamen University Art College?
I always knew that this was what I was born to do. During my studies I met Hilde Teerlinck who advised me to leave outside the box and travel in order to open my eyes and my mind. Shortly after an opportunity came up for China and I took it and moved there for four months with my partner. My first professor in Xiamen University told me to discover the city, meet people, learn the culture and discover secrets and aspects. This is exactly what I did and that made me a completely new person and later influenced me in my work.
Did your Chinese experience affect your creative mind?
I believe that subconsciously it has. There was always an interest inside me for Asiatic Art and this experience gave me the opportunity to explore it.

Grey variation triangle - oval 2008

What inspires you?
Everything. Life, nature, cultures, love, people, feelings, travel.
What is the flexible material hidden inside your XL-bubble creations?
Generally most materials that are used are flexible with great elasticity. In this particular piece polystyrene was used which is what gives it volume and at the same time warmth.

To pull 2007

Many of your products are wearable. Is this the main concept behind them?
The prime idea of these installations and objects is to live in them, turn them inside out and create a private relationship with the pieces. So I guess the answer is yes.
You are going for a weekend “somewhere” and you have to invite 7 famous people, dead or alive. Who would they be?
It would be a weekend in May with great weather somewhere simple filled with siestas, discussions and friends. Jurgen Bey and Erwin Wurm (for their humor), Hussein Chalayan and Issey Miake (for their subtlety), Dan Graham and Robert Morris (for their boldness) and so many...Andrea Zittel, Tatiana Trouvé (women artistes)!

Black dress straps and slit 2005

Describe me the perfect day?
A morning filled with ideas and inspirations which lead to the creation of a wonderful object, followed by a party with my partner and friends and the next day to go traveling.
What does space mean to you?
Space, like the objects I create has an importance which is always in comparison to something else. Everything has a history and a unique experience of infinity

ovoid dress, 2004

Of your own design work, what project are you most proud of?
It is not pride but recognition and one of my works which I recognize greatly is the ovoid dress.
Design is?
It's art-design-architecture-fashion...

Encasable ovoid 2005

Tell us about your future plans.
Currently I am participating in the collection HAIR in which I have produced a necktie for. After that I feel that I will like to create a complete collection for a possible future exhibition.
Finally for all the Yatzer readers who would like to buy some of your products do they have to order them directly through your website or there is a store in Paris which sells them?
For the time being they can contact me directly via mail or telephone solely. In the future I would like for my pieces to be accessible in boutiques and/or galleries.

Encasable ovoid performance 2005

Installation Mulhouse 007 - Espace commun

Flexible hole TM1, grey & black / Semi permanent installation for the room of projection, CRAC Alsace, Altkirch 2005

Green hole variation twin ovoid - rectangle/round 2007

Régionale8, FABRIKculture 2007

Salon Vert, Prague 2007

Voyeur home, Galerie L140, Paris 2008

on the wall : image from the Lamp Girls of Marianne Maric

ovoid rings & bags, 2004

Declension unisex combination 2007

The Hybrid objects of Géraldine Husson

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