Located in the center of Paris, in the Saint Blaise quartier, Mama Shelter is an oasis in the urban landscape allowing Parisians and visitors to experience the true romantic spirit of the city. Created by the Trigano family, the founders of the famous Club Med, along with Cyril Aouizerate and designed with the collaboration of Philippe Starck, Mama Shelter is poised to become the vanguard for a new type of boutique hotel. With its philosophy of catering to those wanting to experience a unique side of Paris Mama Shelter will soon become the French capital’s landmark.

We live in a world where everything seems to have a price. Every social, racial, religious or sexual group is placed in a particular category that can be assessed in terms of how much revenue they can bring to a particular industry branch. We are also subject to incessant judgment anywhere we go. Paris, the premier tourist destination, is not an exception. Its variety of hotels still segregates tourists placing them in an array of separate categories.
In this world of division and exclusion, however, there are a few districts that dare not to mind what “other people will say”. These intransigent spots are hence timeless and respond to the human fragility, complexity, sophistication and constant pursuit of the meaning of life.
    Mama Shelter’s goal is to take into consideration the person and not the social constraints by which he is bound. We have created a “shelter”, which as opposed to locking one out from the outside world provides him with food for thought, an ambience in which he is able to think freely and discover the Paris known to locals by experiencing the French capital’s urban and cosmopolitan side.
    On November 22, 2001 we (Serge Trigano, former president of Club Med; Cyril Aouizerate, philosopher and expert on urban development; Benjamin Trigano, a partner in the US constantly in search of what’s “new”; Jérémie Trigano, the realist who pinpoints problems) discovered a picturesque spot in the 20th arrondissement, in the heart of the Village Saint Blaise. It was here, in this old garage “adorned” with graffiti by 109 rue de Bagnolet that we decided to drop anchor.
    Excited to start working on our new project, we began cooperating with Roland Castro on the architecture and Philippe Starck on the design, which, 7 years later, resulted in the materialization of Mama Shelter, our long awaited project, created against all odds and to the disbelief of the many skeptics.

    In September of 2008 Mama Shelter will open its doors to the public revealing the 172 rooms on 7 floors in 5 color schemes. Clients will be able to choose from 49 ft² (15m²) size rooms to 114 ft² (35 m²) size rooms ranging from approximately $120 (79 Euros) to $460 (299 Euros). The largest suite, situated on the top floor, has a terrace that provides its guest with a magnificent view of “Paris made in the 20th district”.
Each room is equipped with a kitchenette and was designed in collaboration with the famous designer, Philippe Starck, who made sure the hotel guests felt comfortable, as if they were staying in a sensual refuge with luxurious bedding, 5 star 100% cotton satin sheets, coffee machines, microwaves, 24 inch IMacs (including TV, radio, CD/DVD, Skype and free Internet access), everything adorned with an urban twist. Each morning, on every floor, right across from the elevators, there will be a board with daily events of the cultural life of Paris inscribed in chalk.
    Our ambition was to create not only a place to spend the night, but to establish a modern kibbutz, a laic monastery, a place where friends can gather around the table to share a meal prepared by our chef or to visit the nearby “Fleche D’Or”, the popular Parisian electro- indie rock club.
    On the main floor of Mama Shelter guests will be greeted from across an enormous table with built-in screens in front of which cold cabinets will hold meals available to the guests 24/7. Our chef, responsible for the idea of such meals also envisioned a corner with sweets to satisfy the sweet tooth of the youngest hotel residents. After having chosen the delicacies the guests wish to indulge in, they will be taken to their room, where they can relax in the comfortable seating, surrounded by candles. Monitors are not only built into the large table close to the entrance, but also into the hotel’s columns, thanks to which the guests are constantly informed and entertained.
For those who can still easily reconnect with their inner child there is an 8-person foosball table. There is also a terrace for those to whom winter poses no threat or those who like to enjoy a puff. The yoga lovers can let go and meditate in our “Yoga Room”, thrill seekers can rent electric scooters or motorbikes whereas others can rent cars with chauffeurs. We also provide a large parking space fitting 50 cars and offer guides with information about the secrets of the 20th arrondissement to be discovered at any time of day or night.
    At Mama Shelter you will be hosted and taken care of by our staff diverse in age, race and gender and carefully selected by our management. They are dressed by the top couturier designer Anne Gelbard and trained by Jean Claude Elgaire, the former chef concierge of the Plazza Athénée.
   Mama Shelter will surely be the true urban experience one wishes to find in the City of Lights, Paris.

Roland Castro- ARCHITECT
Roland Castro is a prominent French architect and urban planner especially known for harmoniously integrating politics with the importance of the society as a whole into urban architecture. His signature revolutionary approach to design demonstrates his belief that the landscape and not the building should be the focus of a city’s architecture. This stance was visible in numerous projects, where project housing inhabited mainly by immigrants and the socially disadvantaged in the suburbs was renovated. Mr. Castro was also commissioned by President François Mitterrand to work on the project « Banlieue ‘89 », an idea focusing on combating social exclusion by improving urban design quality in housing projects. Roland Castro also ran for President of France in the 2007 elections. He is the author of such publications as « Civilisation Urbaine ou Barbarie », « 1989 » and « (Re)modeler, métamorphoser”. He is currently one of the three leading architects in the firm « Atelier Castro Denissof Casi » responsible for projects ranging from building or renovating educational buildings, museums, offices, as well as ZACs (urban development zones). Roland Castro is 68 years old and was born in Limoges, France.

Serge Trigano- PARTNER
Serge Trigano is the son of Gilbert Trigano, the founder of Club Méditerranée, a corporation pioneering in managing exotic vacation resorts around the world. After having received a diploma in economic sciences at the University in Paris, Mr. Trigano made his way up the ladder at Club Med, where he started as a host (a « gentil organisateur ») to later become the president of Club Med. As the company’s CEO in North American he led to Club Med’s success, as well as its entrance to the New York Stock Exchange. In 1997 Mr. Trigano left Club Méditerranée, the company his family had owned for 50 years, and founded Town&Shelter, a firm that uses innovative ideas to develop and commercialize hotel concepts. He used his strategies to launch his latest project, Mama Shelter, along with his sons, as well as Roland Castro and Cyril Aouizerate. Serge Trigano is also a consultant in tourism strategy for hotel groups and State organizations. He also takes part in conferences and seminars regarding the evolution of tourism. In 1998 Serge Trigano and Gilbert Trigano published the book « La Saga du Club » describing the history of Club Med. Serge Trigano is 62 years old and has two sons, Benjamin and Jeremie.

Benjamin Trigano- PARTNER
Benjamin Trigano is the older son of Serge Trigano. He is the founder and owner of the M+B gallery in Los Angeles, which was established in 2004. The gallery represents the works of emerging, as well as established photographers. Mr. Trigano plans to open a second gallery, Benjamin Trigano gallery in 2008, focusing on contemporary art in all mediums and featuring cross-cutting exhibitions of artists from all over the world. Before engaging in art, Mr. Trigano helped his father establish the company Town&Shelter. He also worked at the advertising agency Euro RSCG in New York and was a member of the strategic marketing team for Coca-Cola in Atlanta. Mr. Trigano is responsible for developing the Park Meridien Hotel in Palm Springs. He holds a degree in history and political science. In 2006 he received the honorable Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres title from the Minister of Culture in France in recognition for his significant contribution to the arts. Benjamin Trigano currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.

Jeremie Trigano- PARTNER
Jeremie Trigano is the younger son of Serge Trigano. He was educated in France and the United States and received a Cum Laude in Economics as well as International Relations. He used his knowledge to work in an array of fields, including the hotel and restaurant industry (founding the restaurants DADA, BOBOs and A la Crepe in Turkey and working in Town&Shelter, a hotel management and consulting company). Mr. Trigano was also the vice-president of marketing and strategic development at Altour, a full service travel agency. He contributed to the company’s growth, helping it become the 20th largest Travel Company. In March of 2007 he became the vicepresident of marketing at Serge Trigano & Sons, where he was responsible for advertising, marketing and public relations of the Forges Hotel, a 99 room hotel in Normandy catering to corporate and leisure clients. The same year, he became the vice-president of marketing at the Mama Shelter hotel, scheduled to open in September 2008. Jeremie Trigano recently wed Düçem Trigano in the island of Capri.

Cyril Aouizerate- PARTNER
Cyril Aouizerate is a philosopher and a passionate of the city. In 2002 he combined his two interests to create Urbantech, a company specializing in the development of areas requiring restructuring. It works with economic, cultural and social stakeholders to roll out and find project and credit facility financing for complex urban projects. Advisors of cities, real-estate investors, mixed investment companies and bank executives all use Urbantech’s services to create, transform and develop urban areas. At the age of 24, Mr. Aouizerate published the biographical book « Rene Bousquet : biographie d’un collabo » about the former secretary general of the Vichy Police. After obtaining a degree in public law and political sciences he went to Jerusalem to study the teachings of Emmanuel Levinas with the professor of philosophy, Yeshayahou Leibovitz. Upon his return, two of his philosophical essays were published: « Crimes sans chatiment, fracture de civilisation » and « Horreur sacrificielle ». Cyril Aouizerate is 39 years old and lives in Paris with his two children.

Philippe Starck- COLLABORATOR
Philippe Starck is an unquestionable authority in design. He is one of the main representatives of the « New Design » style and is well known for his groundbreaking interior designs, as well as mass produced consumer goods. In 1969, he became art director of his firm along with Pierre Cardin, yet it was not until François Mitterrand requested Mr. Starck to design the interior for the president’s private apartments that the artist became well-known. Philippe Starck is widely recognized for the unusual combination of materials and organic look of his products. His interest for ecology and the cooperation with Pramac energy group resulted in the creation of a personal power-generating windmill. Philippe Starck is noted for the creation of designs for restaurants and hotels all over the world. Philippe Starck is 59 years old and has 4 children.

Address 109, rue de Bagnolet,
75020 Paris
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Mama Shelter by Roland Castro & Philippe Starck

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