"TIME IN YOUR HAND" Time is something that can never be possessed. Yet it is something that can be mastered, as the history of TAG Heuer shows. Step by step, always at the very limits of the possible, TAG Heuer has split time into ever more precise increments, and expressed their technical breakthroughs in chronographs of the highest prestige and quality.

Now the challenge has extended from the mastery of time to the mastery of communication. The result is the MERIDIIST, the communication instrument that is the culmination of all TAG HEUER's group experience, gained with unwavering commitment to the principles of perfection since 1860, when Edouard Heuer opened his first workshop high in the Swiss mountains. The MERIDIIST is the complete modern expression of everything for which TAG Heuer stands. As the first instrument of its kind ever made by a Swiss watchmaker, it is a true piece of avant-garde engineering, one that will give its owner a unique quality – the ability to put the same faith and pride into communication that they do into timekeeping. But the MERIDIIST goes even further than this. Through the use of two unique design features – the dual display screens and the TAG Heuer switch, which allow for discreet checking of the time and call management – it endows its owner with the ability, for the first time, to use their communication instrument in the elegant and refined manner befitting of their true personality.

There is no substitute for quality
Each material used in the MERIDIIST brings a distinct and irreplaceable value to the finished product, while their provenance creates echoes with TAG Heuer’s legacy. Its 316L steel allows for perfect polished mirror surfaces, as well as being corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic. The display front is made from unscratchable 60.5 carat sapphire glass, combining exceptional light transmissivity with great stability in all thermodynamic conditions. Both the steel and the glass present examples of how the MERIDIIST embodies the most prestigious materials used in horology.

The MERIDIIST refers visually to the Monaco series of chronographs, which attained iconic status on the wrist of Steve McQueen in the film Le Mans, adding subtle yet dynamic curvature to the angularity and bold sharpness of the wristwatch to create a new design classic.
In total, 430 avant-garde components go together to create the MERIDIIST, resulting in a heightened level of technological sophistication that exceeds even that of TAG Heuer chronographs. As a result, each individual instrument must be assembled by a skilled artisan. This level of craftsmanship shines through the finished product, so that the MERIDIIST gives the unmistakeable satisfaction that can only be derived from the most premium of products. The excellence of the finished product is guaranteed through the partnership of TAG Heuer, throughout the development of the MERIDIIST, with Modelabs, a mobile communication development company comprised, like TAG Heuer, of a small and dedicated team of experts in their field.

The MERIDIIST is the first item of its kind to be engineered by Swiss watchmakers, making it the instigator of a new tradition, bringing craftsmanship and heritage to a field characterised by the transient and ephemeral. Indeed the MERIDIIST opens up the possibility – for the first time – of a communication instrument that could be thought of as timeless.

It is perhaps in this last point that the MERIDIIST reveals its ambition most clearly: to be the ideal cosmopolitan travelling companion. It unites formal purity with functional perfection to create something impeccably stylish, with unimpeachable, understated confidence in its own ability.


  • the secondary screen that displays the time, is illuminated by a specially developed OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode).
  • the use of the largest single piece of glass ever used for such a display.
  • it also comes in a model graced with 2,256 diamonds totalling 6.54 carats, becoming in this incarnation an object of breathtaking rarity and desirability. (TIME FOR WOMEN)
  • its antenna is twice as sensitive as other radio standard-compliant products; exceptional battery life allows for 28 days of stand-by power or 7 hours of continuous talk time.
  • it features the aforementioned dual-function TAG Heuer switch, designed for the needs of the executive in important business meetings: with a touch of this switch a polite call rejection message is issued.
  • Its technical advancements include an earpiece located beneath the sapphire crystal glass display for pristine sound reproduction, and a loudspeaker with the capacity to produce 100dB at a distance of 5cm, ensuring remarkable clarity in hands-free mode, as well as exceptional quality for ring tones and music playback.

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The Meridist by TAG Heuer

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