UPSIDE DOWN / Shelf in Corian made from parts invisibly welded to the uprights. Upside down can be placed in one way or the other without losing its stability.

OVO editions is a new editor of design furniture. They are based in Brussels and start their  work with the famous Belgian designer, Pol Quadens. Their goal is to develop innovative and composite materials and put forward talented designers interested in new experiences. Pol Quadens designed for OVO an exceptional collection in Corian® and carbon fiber. His creativity was challenged by the multiple properties of the Corian®.

Discover Pol Quadens Collection for OVO editions below:

STACK / Stackable chair in Corian. Suitable for inside or outdoors use.

TRAINS / Translucent space divider in Corian. The asymmetric cuttings serve as center folding, stability is ensured by three pastilles on the ground

NED LAND / Standing lamp using a flexible in aluminium and neoprene which one can curve at will. The base is in Corian white, and the bulb of 60 Watts can be changed by another model.

LIBRERIA INVISIBLE / Telescopic mural rack in steel extending from 1,50m to 2,20m. Drawn in 2000 by Pol Quadens but never edited, the libreria invisibile is produced today by OVO in its purest version.

EDGE / Table in Corian for 8, made in one piece, can be used in the dinning room or as an office desk.

CD 200 ANNIVERSARY / 20 th Anniversary of the CD rack produced in steel, wood, stone since 1988. This special anniversary version edited by OVO is in Corian white.

C 09 / The C09 is the fourth carbon fibre chair that Pol Quadens created. It offers suppleness and comfort by the light inflection of the single front foot. It is produced on exclusive demand.

OVO Editions & Pol Quadens

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