The exhibition 'Pretty Dutch' (an exhibition about Dutch porcelain from the 18th century.)drew a record number of visitors. Ben Lambers came up with the name, the communication concept, and did the graphic design of the catalogue. It is the most complete overview of Dutch porcelain worldwide. The exhibition made use of big projections of rotating porcelain toppieces that showed unsuspected detail. In collaboration with Ank Trumpie (conservator), Fredric Baas (presentation), Anne Nippel (communication), Marcel Schmalgemeijer, Tatjana Quax (exhibitiondesign), Hannah Barrow (typography knowledgehall), Frank Groet (internet), Fritz Kok (theme photography), Erik & Petra Hesmerg (still photography) and Hans Oldewarris (010 publishers).

images  by Studio Aandacht from the book that is published for Nationaal Keramiekmuseum

Pretty Dutch

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