Presenting the latest furniture and product designs by Paul Loebach. Raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Paul’s practice includes concept development, teaching, and consulting with furniture companies on emerging design and manufacturing processes. Paul describes his most recent work as ‘aesthetic athleticism’, an exploration that pushes the limits of new manufacturing processes, traditional materials, and the dynamic interplay of form and…space. 

Vase Space    23 x 23 x 36 in / 58 x 58 x 91 cm

Hard Maple

Inspired by American Federal furniture and western society’s obsession with classical form, this ‘neo-Roman’ side table integrates three removable vases that visually flow into the table top.  Machined using a new multi-axis CNC technology, this table is the result of a four month experimental collaboration with an American aerospace manufacturer.

Shelf Space     45 x 15 x 21 in / 114 x 38 x 53 cm


The result of an experimental collaboration with an aerospace machinery manufacturer, this shelf’s fluid form pushes the limits of wood engineering and advanced machining technology.  The carefully designed profile meanders off the wall, twisting and turning through space before returning back.  This sweeping gesture employs traditional materials to invoke a dialog between technologically driven innovation and the continuity of historic reference.

Chair-O Space     25 x 20 x 28 in / 64 x 51 x 71 cm

Hard Maple, Wool Upholstery

Inspired in equal parts by Chinese classicism and Roman antiquity, this chair replaces traditional hand craftsmanship with computer driven machinery that quickly articulates the contoured parts including traditional wood joinery. The chair’s form evolved from a meticulous 3-D design process in collaboration with top engineers at an aerospace machinery manufacturer, creating an uncommonly refined form. The resulting chair captures interest from all angles, up to the smallest detail.

Speed Metal    10 x 3 x 3 in / 25 x 25 x 8 cm

Bronze Alloy

Using a new rapid metal printing process, this candlestick holder’s ‘beautifully distorted’ form was made in minutes.

Hangman     18 x 2 x 75 in / 45 x 5 x 190 cm

Hard Maple

Inspired by traditional orchard ladders and 19th century Victorian wood turnings, this decorative accent is also great for hanging clothes on.

Half Mirror     12 x 1¼ x 32 in / 30 x 3 x 81 cm

Basswood, Low Iron Glass

This project exposes the two most interesting parts of a mirror that are never seen, the ‘cross section’ of the frame, and the glowing edge of the mirrored glass. A moment of decorative surrealism.

Step Stools    17 x 10 x 18 in / 43 x 25 x 46 cm

Hard Maple, Birch Plywood

Inspired by the simple versatility of American Shaker furniture, this nesting set of stools in three shades of green pull out to make a set of steps.

Nothing Lost    72 x 84 in / 183 x 213 cm

Felted Wool

Patterned after an ancient biblical proverb often adopted by American quilters in the civil war era, positive and negative shapes are laser cut from wool felt and stitched back together. The two resulting quilts are inverse matches, made with zero waste. Designed with Jessie Henson.

Space case by Paul Loebach

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