Designers and artists from 67 countries reveal their portrait.
Ten Images for Ithaca 2009

The winners of the 8th international poster competition have been announced

Theme: I
Submissions: 2115 posters | 1468 participants | 67 countries

This year’s poster competition Ten Images for Ithaca  brought together 1468 designers and artists from countries widely known for their tradition in poster design such as Switzerland, Poland, Iran and Germany as well as countries with an extremely interesting and upcoming design scene like China, Korea and Brazil.

The history, memories, the social, political and personal identity of each one of the participants is revealed in a unique way through the 142 posters selected by the jury.
Each person worked through imagery and emotions using photography, illustration and typography in order to describe themselves. The result is a rich and multi-dimensional collection of strong images and self portraits, testimonies and absolute manifestos of “I”.
The Ten Images for Ithaca award ceremony and the exhibition featuring the 10 winning and 132 finalist posters will open on Saturday the 11th of July 2009on the island of Ithaca, Greece.

Ten Images for Ithaca is an international poster competition endorsed by the Greek Graphic Design Association and the Design Museum in Thessaloniki and is considered to be one of the most important annual events for poster design worldwide. 

Andrew Ashton, Creative Director of “peoplethings”, member of AGI (Australia)
Farida El Gazzar, Illustrator (Greece)
Fernando Gutierrez, Creative Director of “the studio of Fernando Gutierez”, member of AGI (UK)
Giannis Kouroudis , Creative Director of “K2 design” (Greece)
Dimitris Papazoglou, Creative Director of “” (Greece)
Bettina Schulz, Editor “Novum” magazine (Germany)
Alexandros Psychoulis, artist (Greece)

1st prize: Lorans Duplan (France)
2nd prize: Fangyi Liu (P.R. China)
3rd prize: Prem Balasubramanian (India)

Merits: Tina Mämpel (Germany), Athanasios Davlouros (Greece), Efi Iliadou (Greece), Rodrigo Machado (Portugal), Lorans Duplan (France), Ian Noble (United Kingdom), Anna-Maria Vlassopoulou & Angelos Efstathopoulos (Greece)

Fimios - Cultural Events of the Municipality of Ithaca
Endorsed by: Greek Graphic Designers’ Association, Design Museum of Thessaloniki
Sponsors: MORETHAN by Evelyn Skouteli, Hotel Mentor, Davias Printers, Diastasis SA
Supported by: City of Athens Cultural Organisation, Apeiron Photos
Media Sponsors: +design, Don’t Panic,,

1st prize: Lorans Duplan (France)

2nd prize: Fangyi Liu (P.R. China)

3rd prize: Prem Balasubramanian (India)


Ten Images for Ithaca 2009, Yatzer announcement

Ten Images for Ithaca 2009 - THE WINNERS

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