Guest Contribution by Pascal Panagiotidis

Yoann Henry Yvon plays with the simplicity and movement of curves giving the impression that the One Piece Coffee Table is a non-stop transforming object. Change the position of the table’s main curve or just your point of view and the table gets a different shape. The 25 year old French designer explains how his desire of creating something unique with just only one panel led him to create the One Piece Coffee Table.

Majestic & Reverence coffee table
Easily to pill up!
"Majestic & Reverence coffee table"(one piece concept)is just an attractive, practical and optical illusion furniture for any space. One Piece series were born in the search for a concept based on the possibility to create something with only one panel... The inspiration for this project was based on the simplicity and the movement of the curves. The main curve of the coffee table changes all the time, depending of your point of view. Ideal for people who want to give contemporary touches on their living space or on their outdoor garden.

about Yoann Henry Yvon
Yoann Henry Yvon was born in 1983 in Nice, France. He stayed for 12 years in Spain where he studied in the University of Economy in Valencia but he finally graduated in Interior Design with honors from Istituto Europeo di Design in Italy . He is a product and interior designer located in Milan, working in freelance projects and constantly communicated with few designers. His aim is to create iconic designs using pictures or symbols that reside in our memory and develop a special relationship between products and people. Design is a language and the designer the translator.

The One Piece Coffee Table

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