8 May - 8 June 2008 | workshop| Athens

When a musician performs impeccably a concert of Mozart or a fugue of Bach then he goes one step further searching for new rhythms. When a painter is able to reproduce with ease the beauty of nature on his canvas then he goes one step further searching for more complex images.
But what is the next step, for a photographer who has been capturing the architectural proportions and the designing peculiarities of the luxury hotels around Greece and the whole world?

Familiar bodies that ooze love, friendship and daily acquaintance are intertwined and captured by his lens. Their movement brings about a spontaneous love for life that annihilates the stillness of the image.
The shadows define the starting point and the infinity of the soul that each body carries.
Their spontaneity is spurt all around just to be captured and then freed on a metal plate. Aluminum, in its raw form, is the host for the grey and white tones as well as the other colors of his photographs.
The exhibition Shadows is Vagelis Paterakis small step from the art of precision towards the art of the senses.  Through his lens his creativity is conveyed to large metallic canvases.

The exhibition will be held from the 8th of May in workshop, Dionisis Sotovikis, Sorou str 22 in Marousi.

Vangelis Paterakis Shadows

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