Vital Building, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain by Mozas+Aguirre Arquitectos
images: Cesar San Millan

   These are the headquarters for the local savings bank. The idea is to identify the building as a live organism in motion. A black skin made of glass protects the inhabited spaces behind the stainless steel pairs. Created by Mozas+Aguirre Arquitectos, the building has a chromosome-shaped floor, with four arms. The structural concept is based on pairs of exterior metal supports, clad in stainless steel composite panels. One of the arms has been conceived as a 26-metre cantilever. In this case the concept changes and the pairs do not have any structural function.
    The hall in the heart of the building has two facades, enclosed by a work of art. They have been constructed with bright red polyurethane panels with manually painted biological pattern.

Client | Local Savings Bank: Caja Vital Kutxa, Headquarters
Location | Plot 5. 15 Sectors. Salburua. Vitoria-Gasteiz, Northeast area of the city
Authors| Mozas+Aguirre Aquitectos. Vitoria-Gasteiz, Javier Mozas, Eduardo Aguirre
Structural engineering | NB 35. Madrid, Jesus Jimenez Canas
Aguilera Ingenieros. Madrid
Pedro Aguilera
Abelardo Estebanez
Works of art:
Javier Perez: two walls and ceiling of the main hall
Miguel Gonzalez de San Roman: paintings on the basement
Site area | 11,041.92 sq m
Built-up area | 16,578 sq m
Project date | 2005
Construction date | finish: December 2007
Materials | Dark glass and stainless steel composite panels
Metallic structure | Concrete prefab slabs 16 m long

Vital Building by Mozas+Aguirre

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