V.O.W N°27 (4 - 10 July 2011)

Craft. Passion. Devotion. Three strong words which perhaps denote three difficult words to live by. In a crowded Philadelphia garage, Adam Cramer (Liberty Vintage Motorcycles - Philadelphia, PA) revives vintage motorcycles and the American tradition of grease-stained self-reliance. He speaks both passionately and seriously about a generation that does not know how to utilize its hands and/or manufacture anything. What was once a component of everyday life, using your hands for a craft, is now left to machines and supply chain processes. He feels that the biggest problem in the USA is not the recession or financial breakdowns, but the de-industrialization of America. For he believes that in taking away the pride of building and producing something, the spirit of humankind is fractured. To devote your life to a craft and spend a lifetime honing that skill, something once commendable, is now a dying pursuit.

Sure, we all use tools for production. A computer, a mouse, a video camera, a smart phone, the internet, these are all tools. Adam seems distraught not with the fact the new generation does not know how to build much, but perhaps more shocked that they have no interest in it. Curiosity once upon a time, drove a young kid into his shop in order to request to work there to learn and help make these speed motorcycles usable once again, but no one comes in. This lack of desire troubles him and the fact the there is no one to carry on his experience and do something new with it haunts his purpose in life.  This is a great short video about the themes of love, devotion and nostalgia. Adam Cramer's garage carries the story of many decades, generations and the commitment to his craft, his life. What is your craft? Your passion? Your life pursuit? How will your generation be remembered and what will they bring to the Nation?

V.O.W N°27 // Liberty Vintage Motorcycles - Portrait of a Generation

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