Chalet Béranger by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance

31 January 2012 {9} Comments

The Chalet Béranger is no ordinary chalet; don’t expect to find wooden flooring, wooden staircases, and traditional elements. Instead, all these have been replaced by industrial elements and organic forms inspired by the mountains and the valleys of the French Alps. [...]

A View Into The World Of An Avant-Garde Collector

30 January 2012 {10} Comments

Alketas Pazis is the man behind all that encompasses the eclectic design of the 1900’s-1950’s. Inside his private residence/showroom in Athens, Greece, the element of design becomes a ‘one of a kind’ lifestyle. [...]

The Carved Book Landscapes of Guy Laramée

30 January 2012 {5} Comments

The human spirit transcends the known through the work of Guy Laramée who combines the old philosophies of Asian arts and Zen and draws energy from Romanticism. Yatzer caught up with the artist to discover his approaches to his practice and discussed human primitiveness, sand-blasting and artistic freedom... [...]

The Lik House by Satoru Hirota Architects

28 January 2012 {1} Comment

Japanese architects Satoru Hirota have designed a single family house in three tunnel-like volumes where the residual space of the volumes generates an irregular outdoor courtyard and the bamboo yard. The concept of the Lik House introduces the concept of a residence with the feeling of a relaxed and intimate resort. [...]

Cafe KAFKA in Barcelona, Spain

26 January 2012 {5} Comments

A bohemian cafe in the heart of the El Born neighborhood in Barcelona revisits the essence that gave the area its charm and charisma many years back. Cafe Kafka is a place to sit, eat, socialize and be seen. It doesn't hurt that it is also a great platform for appreciating the beauty of Barcelona's modernist structure at the 'Mercat del Born'. [...]

Noemie Goudal’s Journey Into The Familiar Unknown

26 January 2012 {2} Comments

Yatzer invites you to discover the dreamlike work of photographer Noemie Goudal that just like a transformative lens will trigger your imagination and make you question your perspective on the ordinary. [...]

2012 Urban Love Making Travel Index

25 January 2012 {2} Comments

Some hotels around the world just give you that feeling. They make you want to draw the curtains and hang up that ‘do not disturb’ sign for a couple of hours every time you set foot in your room. It makes no difference whether they’re boutique or bohemian, multinational or microscopic: they just have that certain something... [...]

Custom Nike Zoom Force-1 Snow Boots by Marcus Tremonto

25 January 2012 No Comments

Marcus Tremonto has done it again, this time with his sleek luminous take on classic Zoom Force-1 boots, inspired by Gundam, sci-fi movies and James Bond. Discover his particular vision on the future of sports and get ready to fall in love with his unique pieces. [...]