Konstantin Grcic 

43 by Konstantin Grcic for yii

Design: Konstantin Grcic (2008)
Bamboo Artist: Chen, Kao-Ming /ι™³ι«Â˜ζ˜Ž

Description: Chair
Character: Artistic, Structured, Bouncy
Materials: Engineered laminate bamboo, handmade
Dimensions: W53CM x D55CM x H77CM
Max weight: 120KG

    Out of curiosity for natural materials, Konstantin Grcic has experimented extensively with bamboo and proposed a revolutionary design for /yii/: 43. Entirely made of single material, the chair is Comprised of 43 laminated bamboo stripes and hence the name. The potential of the material is utilized with an advanced engineered structure to provide comfort and flexibility. Due to the characteristics of bamboo, all constructing parts of this chair are handmade with molds, despite the fact that the final form is well ordered and precise.
    With the design of 43, Grcic has put the durability of bamboo to the test and lifted the application of the fastest growing woody plant of our planet to a new level.
   The high growth pace of bamboo suggests applying it as constructing material for furniture a moral choice that is in line with the values of contemporary sustainable development and /yii/’s spirit.

about /yii/

/yii/ is a collaborative project organized by NTCRI (National Taiwan Crafts Research Institute) and TDC (Taiwan Design Center), which aims to transform traditional craft techniques in the contemporary context through design.
The birth of /yii/
At Maison & Objet Paris, September 5th 2008, /yii/, an ambitious design project had its premier exhibition on the international stage. Its aim is to transform traditional craft in the contemporary context through design, in order to bring extraordinary objects to our immensely impersonal environment. “yi”, which means to change and to transform in Taiwanese and Chinese philosophy, is believed to be the underlying law behind Nature through the flow of time.
Inspired by this understanding, /yii/ collaborated with designers and morphed the intuitive wisdom from ancient culture into the design and production of exceptional objects. Focus is placed on skillful craftsmanship and manufacturing processes that are deeply rooted in a harmonious relation between Man and Nature, to finally propose a way of life that is artistic, intelligent and moral for our contemporary world.

43 by Konstantin Grcic for yii

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