The much talented Alexandros Psihoulis is currently working on a new project which will be exhibited in the gallery a. The installation is worth waiting for, as we are informed that it will be out of this world with a promise to take its audiences into another level. A level that is driven by a conceptual wave.
You may ask ‘A wave into a room? How? Were?'
The artist has given us a small taste for those of us who can’t wait.
‘I am a strong believer that only coincidences can teach you things in this world. Hence you try to create a coincidence. I try to remind myself of the vision of a gigantic wave breaking into a pier. The image is retracted from my mind for now, but it is still and it is not possible for my brain to offer me the visualization form all angles and the different levels. I can visualize it only as I had once seen it from a pier in Volos. I had never seen this image in this way. My retina obviously had not paid great importance to this sight. Some experiments in an iconic environment however were given importance. The final image was born in the dark from vectors and logical assumptions. It is almost like the vision we have in a dream that we try to bring it to life when we are awake’

preview of the ROOM installation exclusively for Yatzer

Alexandros Psihoulis is manufacturing an unstable situation surrounded by doubt. A black knitted boarder wave is distinguished through the essence of security and the stable structure which represents a house or an interior space within. Directly opposite the wave a seat is situated – this symbolizes the point from were one will visualize and meditate this landscape viewpoint. A viewpoint that makes it impossible to detach your eyes from the engagement of the subject at hand.
Kilometers of ropes are intertwined slowly to represent a 3-dimensional vision. The attempt is quite time consuming just like the human brain needing a considerable amount of time to understand the concept of a wave breaking on to a pier.

The direction of the exhibit is taken over by Thanos Stathopoulos

The exhibition opens its doors to the public on Wednesday 11th March with no formal opening launch. This is due to the restricted view of the artwork and the minimum amount of people allowed in the space at the same time. The doors will close on the 29th April.

from Alexandros Psihoulis portfolio / Swimmer, 2005, acrylic on wood, diameter 147 cm

from Alexandros Psihoulis portfolio / Simple Games, 2008, acrylic on car leather, 180 x 180 cm

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Alexandros Psihoulis-The Room

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