Christian church by GMP Architects in China (source)

We live in a society were symbols represent who we are. A heart = love, an apple = health, a Ferrari = wealth, a diamond = commitment, a wheelchair = patience, a black outfit = mourning. Throughout the years we have found ways to interpret these features into our everyday lives giving them a new meaning and breaking barriers. What happens though when one of our strongest symbol which = loyalty,humanity,respect,devotion and redemption is attempted by designers to be interpreted into new meanings? What happens when you take a symbol that dynamic and influential out of its context knowing that it will create controversy and anger to some in order to make it more approachable. What happens when the CROSS enters our bathrooms, our fashion, our art, our music our sexually active beds ? What happens when we take down the symbol and lie on it? Do we make it stronger by making it part of our lives or do we ridicule it?

The historic question is BLESSED OR CURSED?

Believe it or not...Yatzer presents the latest projects and some all time classic ones, from all the creative fields - industrial design, architecture, arts, fashion, photography that were designed  in the name of GOD.

Church of Santa Monica in Madrid, Spain by Vicens & Ramos Architects  / photo: Gallo Quirico (source)

 The Prophecy /  A  Michelangelo-esque collaboration between BeautifulMag and digital artist Aymeric Giraudel

The Cross sofa by Richard Hutten (source)

Chapel House by Zecc Architecten / photo: CornbreadWorks

 Spring-Summer 2009 collection by Rick Owens / photo: Yiannis Vlamos

St. Bartholomew's Church by QUBUS in the village of Chodovice, Eastern Bohemia

Celebrating the cross by "Humans since 1982" / photo: Christoffer T. Duff

from the famous Pierre and Gilles portfolio

 The White Rabbit Restaurant in Singapore

 Marithe Francois Girbaud advertising campaign (source)

 Saint B mp3-player by Yar Rassadin

Church of Holy Cross by KHR architects at Jyllinge, Denmark / photo: Torben Eskerod

"holy tost" stamper for bread by Fred

Saint chair by Sebastian Errazuriz

 Hand Painted Ceramic Busts by Brian Morris

 The Cathedral of Christ the Light by SOM-Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP at Oakland, California, USA/ Photo: César Rubio, Timothy Hursley, John Blaustein (source)

Jesus hanger by Eric Morel and  Icon design for Vlaemsch in 2002 on the left

 Cross doorstop by ATYPYK

Jesus street stencil / photo by Steve Sherriff 

 photo by the portfolio of photographer Cole Rise

Kruisherenhotel-Maastricht HOTEL, The Netherlands, photo: ilvic & Arnout Fonck (thanks to Matylda Krzykowski)

cross brush by Fredrikson Stallard

 Robert Stadler's installation in a Parisian church (source)

 Theis and Khan Architects renovation of Lumen United Reformed Church in London, UK. (source)

 St. Bonifatius renovation  by C18 architects, Herbrechtingen, Germany / photo:  Brigida Gonzalez

 Selexyz Dominicanen Bookstore in Maastricht by Merkx+Girod architects winner of 2007 Dutch Interior Design Prize / photo: Roos Aldershoff (source)

 Chapel for the Deaconesses of St-Loup at Hôpital de St-Loup, Switzerland by Architects: Localarchitecture & Danilo Mondada / Photo: Milo Keller

 Mortensrud church in Oslo by JSA-Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor / photo: Jan Olav Jensen & Per Berntsen (source)

cross vase by QUBUS design

 The Prayer Chapel by debartolo architects at Phoenix, Arizona, USA / photo: Bill Timmerman (source)

 The NUN series by DOU. Oleg Duryagin

The Donau City Church, Vienna by Heinz Tezar (source)

The Dornbusch church in Frankfurt by Meixner Schluter Wendt

Richard Meier’s Jubilee Church at Tor Tre Teste Rome, Italy (source)

 "Ceci n'est pas une croix, c'est un banc"? by  Huib Muilwijk (source)

 Holy advertising campaign for BENETTON

 St. Henry’s Ecumenical Art Chapel in Turku, Finland by Architects: Matti Sanaksenaho, Pirjo Sanaksenaho and Enrico Garbin (source)

 Logshan Xinxin Town Church, Beijing by WSP Architectural Design (source)

 Manuel Clavel Rojo’s moving mausoleum in the wooded La Alberca cemetery on the edge of Murcia in Spain /  photo Juan de la Cruz Megias (source)

 photo by David La Chapell's portfolio

Blessed or Cursed?

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