bursted dreams "spotless" / Original sculpture limited to 5 pcs
Set of 2 figures
Figure height 12''

What can we say that is not already said about Coarse toys? They represent for many people the finest expression of the art toy scene. Half sculptures, half pop culture icons, they really set the standards for the scene. Their quality make them look so perfect that –especially when shot at exteriors- one could swear they are real. To this contribute the fine anatomic details and the amazing face expressions that often transmit the feelings of sadness and withdrawal. They carry this cool factor that many creators would die to achieve and still look so natural.

jaws "coarse" edition / Noop figure and his giant shark head
Wooden box w. elastic band and numbered wooden certificate
comes with real plywood skateboard
Limited to 100 pcs

It all began when German artist and graphic designer Mark Landwehr decided to create three-dimensional pieces out of his drawings. His creations caused such an impact that soon Vans contacted him for collaboration. Currently working in Honk Kong, he runs Coarse Toy company with the help of Sven Waschk and Chrissi Jülich. Behind his figures is hidden a lot of hard work and all of his creations begin with clay. Two extremely successful exhibitions in Chicago and Berlin opened a path to one of a kind creations and to experiments with man sized figures, both with surprising results. Our advice: keep a close eye at Coarse releases as they are produced in very limited copies and often exist waiting lists, although one must say that it really worth it! And having seen the so far achieved, we are more than eager to see what is about to come…

pain 1:3 / flake pain edition
Height approx 26''
(grey/bloody red)
Carton Box, figure bedded in pillows
Comes with 2 Skateboards, Poster and Stickers
Limited to 200 pcs

Coarse releases by year
2003 - Book release "DNB" – 50 pcs
2003 - Plastic Particles Exhibition Adidas originals stores worldwide
2003 - (with Pete Fowler, Spanky, Tomoyuki Washio and other artists)
2004 - Flake, 12'' Figures "Flake, Fluid and Float"
2004 - Editions: "cream", "revolt", "switch" and "pain" – 200 pcs each
2007 - Toy release "pain 1:3" – 200 pcs
2007 - "Flake, Fluid and Float" pain 1:1 fiberglass figures – 20 pcs
2008 - Toy release "chopper 1:3" – 200 pcs
2008 - Toy release "paw!"
2008 - Editions: "blackout" and "rainbow" – 200 pcs each
2008 - Solo exhibition in Chicago/USA (Rotofugi Gallery)
2008 - "noop Show"
2008 - Release/Prerelease "noop jaws"
2008 - Editions: "jaws – coarse edition"
2008 - and "jaws – coarse x rotofugi edition" – 100 pcs each
2008 - Solo Exhibition Berlin/Germany (4010 Gallery)
2008 - "noop Show Berlin"
2009 - Solo exhibition in Taipei/Taiwan (tba)

paw! pain / coarse pain edition
(grey/bloody red)
Carton Box, Rubber Letter filling, Fabric Bag
Limited to 200 pcs

pain variations "it hurts" / Original sculpture limited to 5 pcs
Set of 2 figures
Figure height 12''

pain 1:3

Coarse toy series commisioned by VANS

pain & cream set


Flake, Fluid, Float 1:1 (lifesize)

Flake, Fluid, Float 1:1 (lifesize)

jaws "coarse" edition

jaws "coarse" edition / packaging

false friends "hide and seek" / Original sculpture limited to 5 pcs
Set of 2 figures with shark helmet
Figure height 13''

photo by Noop show in Chicago (Sept. 12th - Oct. 5th, 2008)

Color station "refuelling noop juice" / Original sculpture limited to 5 pcs
Figure height approx 20''

false friends "pretending love" / Original sculpture limited to 5 pcs
Set of 2 figures
Figure height 13''

Coarse toys by Mark Landwehr

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