V.O.W N°1 (Video Of the Week, 3-9 January 2011)

Today's Video of the Week - V.O.W is nothing short of inspiring.  As we look for interesting videos for our readers and launch them each Friday, our first one had to be quite special.  The vernacular, candid, random, gut, intuitive and passionate are all words that describe the life of Lifestyle blogger Scott Schuman, aka, The Sartorialist. Yatzer has followed the trajectory of his work and we love to see passionate people doing what they love to do and share it with the world.  After all, we share that in common.  An inspiration to me not only as a blogger but as a designer, this short takes us into his creative mind, intuition, passion and randomness that life is and how we can capitalize on those opportunities and build something with them.  Much like Richard Avedon influenced visual dialogue is his days, Scott Schuman is truly shaping dialogue today.  Design as a visual dialogue takes practice and a lot of that practice is to train the eye, to watch, observe and be in the world we are in.

Absorb, react, create. Live a visual life.
Today Yatzer V.O.W's to Scott Schuman.

video screenshot

video screenshot

V.O.W N°1 // The Visual Life of Scott Schuman

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