The idea of hammock is transformed from a simple ‘rope’ object to an actual furniture piece. Using the state of art technology for a simple idea, this hammock has become the FIRST in the world that is ergonomic to sleep in. Carrying up to 180 kg it is perfectly comfortable to share with two people. As a material, composites are applied with a vacuum infused technique. Composite shell allows for the maximum flexibility for the user to move comfortably on it. The macrome inside is tied in a very different way than the usual one. High quality sailing ropes are tied in a way that interlocks each other while still being individual. This allows for the ropes to be exchanged one by one instead of changing the whole.

Leaf Hammock won the GOOD DESIGN AWARD on Design in Turkey  2008 AWARDS

Brand: GAEAforms
Model: Leaf Manufacturer: GOVSA COMPOSITES
Designers:  Pinar Yar + Tugrul Govsa

Leaf Hammock by Pinar Yar and Tugrul Govsa

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