Maison Martin Margiela introduces its concepts of interior architecture through an installation, ‘Mat, Satiné, Brillant’ which recreates the environment and atmosphere of its Interior Design workshop using a variety of creative expressions of the Maison's identity and philosophy.

‘Mat, Satiné, Brillant’
On the occasion of Salone Del Mobile in Milan, Maison Martin Margiela presents an introduction of its savoir-faire: more commonly using the human body as the support of its artistic expression, the Maison utilizes space and furniture as a medium to convey its creativity. A natural evolution and continuity of its vision and character.

While entering the 180 m2 space, the visitor penetrates into an exact reproduction of the Interior Design workshop of the Paris Headquarters, where all stores, showrooms, and architectural projects are conceived. The walls are covered with ‘trompe l’oeil’ effect life-size pictures of the office and all its decoration and organization elements. The furniture has been brought from Paris and placed in its original and exact position. The installation also refers to elements from Margiela stores and showrooms worldwide.

The first separated small room reproduces an office of the architects Paris team, all of the details (phone, computer, furniture, etc) have been covered in white cotton fabric and the floor with black and white linoleum imitating a wood floor used in the LA store and ‘La Suite’. The ceiling is sealed with a ‘trompe l’oeil’ picture of the beams in the Paris office.

In the open space, the first corner reproduces the pyramid of plastic champagne glasses from the LA store and presents the new Margiela souvenir snow balls. Then, a table presents mock-ups of a few projects : the Hong Kong, Omotesando, LA, Munich and Dubai stores, the car cover made for Alfa Romeo, the Paris HQ press showroom, the birthday cake model used for the Maison’s 20th anniversary fashion show finale.
Several other installations present new objects, ideas and propositions : the corner plates and giant nail shelves, the ‘trompe l’oeil’ rugs, wallpaper + stickers and carpets, cotton calendars, wall lights; and the ‘line 13’ classics such as bottle lamps, white cushions, Russian dolls, feather pens.
Other elements fill the space: a magazine coffee table, a 13 meter long cotton covered chairs line, a chair swing, etc

More than a palette of shades of colors ‘Mat, Satiné, Brillant’ (Matte, Satin, Shiny) suggests a visual sensation, an atmosphere, an emotion.

A new perspective
Following the continuous demand of people to have access to the Maison’s products and architecture concepts, Salone del Mobile will serve as a teaser to introduce the development of the new direction in which Maison Martin Margiela will expand its artistic expertise:
•    The creation of objects, furniture and miscellaneous projects, either in a self-produced collection or in the development of partnerships for one-shot projects.
•    A service for private or public interior design and architecture
In that way, Margiela wishes to offer a full proposal of production and art direction in the Interior design and architecture domains.

Starting as a designer brand creating a style concept, Maison Martin Margiela will become a lifestyle brand by increasing the domains of its creative expression to propose various means for the public to enter its conceptual, imaginative, ingenious and inventive universe.

This is who we are and this is what we do
Founded in 1988 by Belgian born designer Martin Margiela, the Maison has become one of the most influential, visionary and iconoclast fashion brands in the world, best known for its concept of deconstruction, reinterpretation, craftsmanship and transformation of material. The cutting-edge and ‘avant-garde’ work of Maison Martin Margiela in women’s, men’s, accessories and ‘Artisanal’ has been acclaimed worldwide for 20 years by its fashion peers and press, and also worn all around the world with stores in Europe, USA, Middle East, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong and Asia.

The Maison has created a style concept with its collections that was rapidly visible through the environment of the brand, its showrooms, show installations and presentations, offices and stores. Beyond the approach and conception of its collections, the unique identity of the Maison was clearly recognizable in the spaces it occupies, with signature elements like the use of whites, cotton fabrics, ‘trompe l’oeil’, diversion, mix of styles and époque, and hints of humor creating a unique atmosphere and ambiance.

In the midst of the development of the architectural care for its ‘professional’ spaces, the Maison created a small collection of objects & publications (named ‘Line 13’, 1999). With various exhibitions and events throughout the world, it also developed its activity in the Arts & architectural field. In 2008, the key project of “La Suite – ELLE Décoration” at the Cité de l’architecture et du Patrmoine in Paris (2008/2009) activated the will to pursue and extend this activity more in depth.

Maison Martin Margiela / ‘Mat, Satiné, Brillant’

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