A Normann Nutcracker!

Magasin, a Danish department store branch asked Normann Copenhagen  to make their version of the Nutcracker soldier as part of a charity project helping the Danish Red Cross. Obviously they had to use cups, jugs and teapot from Normann's Family kitchen series.

It was supposed to be on display during Christmas but unfortunately it cracked!!!

The Magasin Nutcracker
Magasin  inspired by the fairy tale ballet about The Nutcracker, which will be transformed into a handsome prince. Magasine has designed a unique decoration Nutcracker in five different colors, which will be sold  for Red Cross assistance project "Barnelandet" . "Barnelandet" is Danish Red Cross aid program for orphans in Zimbabwe, where 1.5 million children lost one or both parents due to AIDS. The Danish Red Cross has a sponsorship project in which people in Denmark supports 53,000 orphans in Zimbabwe.

The Normann Nutcracker before the crack!

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