“These lampshades are unique creations based on the respect of the environment.We work on demand and in partnership with our client, choosing together the type of tree, the fabric of the lampshade and the colour of the base that will best suit the home of the client. The size of the tree trunk, as well as the final height of the lampshade, can also be discussed.“

Each trunk is respectfully selected for its shape, bark % inspiring roots. These are carefully laid out and integreted in a base made to measure. The electric wiring is adapting to the specitialities of each trunk. Last but not least the choice of fabric that will convey light the best. Every thing is possible…


Roots only uses fragile trees or those in the shadow of bigger trees. The selected trees will not have been able to grown into healthy and mature trees in their natural environment.
Roots does not destroy trees.

For each lampshade created,Roots will plant two young trees as part of a forestry regeneration scheme. Future generations will grow and blossom

ROOTS concept and design by Sandra & Anthony Mutti, Agnès Marcel

For further informations and orders, contact [email protected]

ROOTS - An original idea blending nature and rock inside your houses

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