My great and loyal fans I am happy to say it’s great to be back and to be able to share all that I have experienced the past few days with you. It has been a true adventure. While I have been away jet setting and living a ones in a life time YELLOW and Bubbling experience I have been thinking of how to put all this fabulousness into words. Let me say THERE ARE NO WORDS to explain, but I will try. Before I take you on this journey I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the family that made all this possible which is none other than Veuve Clicquot. Also I can not carry on without mentioning and personally thanking the spectacular organizers that achieved what was for me as close to perfection as possible, N.York based, WFG Media.

   The yellow dream commenced on the 2nd of September with my arrival at Charles De Gaulle Airport. I was greeted by a personal chauffer which took me to the first secret destination with the luxurious name Sofitel Le Faubourg. Upon my arrival I found placed on the bureau the context which you see above. I opened the envelope which was written by Mr. Stéphane Gerschel (VCP International Communication Director), and I felt that I was part of a secret and luxurious game of another era. The letter welcomed me to Paris and stated that I should be present at the lobby of the hotel at 7.00pm, where for the first time the most successful and trend setter bloggers ‘according to VCP’ were going to meet each other and fantasy was going to become a reality. Until that time we had bicycles provided by VCP to explore Paris. Let me just say that I later discovered that your Yatzer was the only one who took the bicycle for a ride but with the same destination as everyone SHOPPING.

   I arrived at the lobby and by complete coincidence I wore a yellow tie but it was not Pantone 137c which is VCP’s official color. I never said I was perfect. With great pleasure Amy Kealoha with her crazy "cameraboy" Seth Brau from coolhunting (US), Brian Leavy from materialiste (FR), Francesca from frizzifrizzi (IT), Jamie Starr from Josh Spear (US) and Jean Aw from NOTCOT (US) introduced each other and shortly after Mr. Nima Abbasi (owner of WFG Media) arrived to welcome us to Paris. Last but by no means least I met the gorgeous Mrs.Aisha Thompson (Senior Marketing & Communications Manager of VCP N.York) which was love at first sight. All her charisma and charm which you see in her picture also exists in her character. We were taken to Plaza Athenee were we had the honor to meet Mr.Christophe Pillet and commence with ‘apperitives’ which were obviously VCP and were placed in the futuristic champagne cooler created by the designer himself.

image credits from above and left:

  • yatzer with Aisha Thompson
  • Christophe Pillet
  • waiting for our drivers
  •  Vanessa Kay - Business Development Director of VCP on the left with Marion Muzi Falconi - International Communication Manager of VCP, on the right
  • Francesca  with Nima Abbasi
  • Jamie Starr with Aisha Thompson

    A short bubble after we were once more whisked off for dinner to the second secret location which was the atmospheric yacht you see below carrying the name ‘CACHEMIRE’. When we were on CACHEMIRE we thought we were done with the surprise part for the evening and we were going to enjoy a quiet dinner to get to know each other. What we did not know was that the biggest surprise of all was standing in the yacht looking at us with a warm and glamorous smile. Mrs. Lia Riva (Riva yachts Ambassador) herself in person was joining us on this magical boat tour around Paris and introduced us the design collaboration between Riva and VCP for Veuve Clicquot's La Grande Dame, The Cruise Collection. I have to take a minute to say that I was absolutely amazed by Mrs. Riva’s ring. It changed color according to her hand movement and of course the dominant color was nothing else but the RIVA BLUE. We had also the honor to meet Mr.Andrea Crippa, the International Marketing Director of VCP.

some words about the The "CACHEMIRE" yacht

A yacht completely designed by Yachts de Paris, luxury is all around : Baccarat glassware and candle holders, velvet upholstered armchairs, a roof that opens, forward and rear decks, gangways…give in to the charms of the Cachemire. With a length of 24 meters, it accommodates from 2 to 12 people. Cachemire is the only boat on the Seine where you can have lunch or dinner outside, to 12 people. 

Mrs. Lia Riva - Riva yachts Ambassador, holding a miniature Riva yacht

The Eiffel tower by night!

Amy Kealoha with Seth Brau from coolhunting (US)

To continue I can only say that what happens on "CACHEMIRE" STAYS ON "CACHEMIRE" ……..

   Below is the detailed menu that we thoroughly enjoyed accompanied by Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Rosé 1998. Myself I do not consider as being an expert on Nouvelle Cuisine but I have to say that the tastes that we all experienced that night were unforgettable.

The night ended as we were escorted back to our hotel and once in our rooms and our veins filled with VCP we were greeted with the second secret letter………… tbVCPc

photos by Yatzer

Veuve Clicquot bloggers trip / part#01

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