Converse this year will be launching a limited edition of the classic Converse 1HUND(RED) shoe, based on the designs of 100 chosen artists/designers.
Design nr. 12 is made by art/designer Dr. Romanelli

“Part artist, part designer, the self taught Darren Romanelli’s unique re-interpretations of each project, the combination of hard to find vintage pieces along with updated silhouettes, in addition to his attention to details, granted him a reputation of a mad genius at work, hence the title “Dr””

Why this pair is so special? Dr. Romanelli used to cover the entire shoe with antique bandage pattern, the perforations having decorative but also functional purpose. The clear sole has the imprint of human skull diagram on the bottom and the interior of the shoes uses graphics of a human dissection, that the artist copied from a medical textbook.

The shoes can be bought from Sold Out sneakers shop.

From the signature African mudcloth shoe to the design-your-own (RED) sneaker, Converse has allowed the (RED) community members to express themselves in their own way.

On display at M+B Gallery in West Hollywood were the first 50 original designs for the Converse 1HUND(RED) program, a collection of 100 sneakers from 100 artists, musicians and designers. Each shoe expresses the respective artist’s unique commentary on HIV/AIDS and how it affects everyone. Converse provided a blank canvas and in return they got some of the coolest shoes ever produced. The majority of the designs will be on sale at boutique shoe stores around the country over the course of 2008, so check out your local retailer. You can always go to 100Artists to check on new releases.

Those in the crowd who didn’t know the (RED) story or what (RED) does really took to the idea because we were speaking their language: creativity!

The wounded Converse All stars by Doctor Romanelli

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