As we count the final hours of 2013, there is nothing more fitting than taking a final glance back at what has happened in the past year and recall the events, people and projects that were the most memorable and inspiring. It is for that reason that every year at this time we like to bring together the most popular stories from our website into one spectacular post – like a fitting farewell to the year that we are leaving behind and a great way to welcome the new one just around the corner.

Throughout 2013 we followed people who decided to chase their dreams no matter what, as in for example the almost legendary tale of Constantin Brancusi’s controversial New York debut a hundred years ago, or the heart-warming story of photographer Theron Humphrey and his amazing canine partner Maddie. We also discovered others who decided to make the impossible possible no matter what: visual artist Berndnaut Smilde creates real clouds indoors and takes surreal pictures of them, while sculptor Phillip K. Smith III transformed an abandoned shack in the middle of the Californian desert into a poetic light installation. Tales of commitment and passion also found their way into our pages, like that of coffee company TRUTH, whose flagship café in Cape Town, South Africa is full of character and complexity – a fitting tribute to great coffee-making. Meanwhile, in Paris, France, illustrator Jonathan Bréchignac painstakingly draws elaborate carpet designs on paper using just ballpoint pens, a long process which is almost meditative in nature.

These stories, taken from the pages of, are not just reports of beautiful things and places. They are stories of transformation, where the unexpected is allowed to happen and common things can, and do, become extraordinary. They are also stories about perseverance, not giving up, believing in what one does: trusting in what you do and withstanding the difficulties along the way, all lessons  worth learning, as at the end of the day, only through patience and courage can dreams truly be realised.

This being the last post of the year, we would like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude to all of you, our readers and supporters: you are a huge part of what we do and the main drive behind our commitment and inspiration. As our journey continues into uncharted waters, we too are happy in the knowledge that you will also be on board. 2014 is bound to be a year full of surprises and exciting developments, so fasten your seat belts and get ready for an incredible journey!

We would also like to thank all of our contributors and collaborators from around the world, not only for their commitment and hard work, but also for sharing with us the dream and vision of what Yatzer is and what it could be. All of this would have never been possible without you and your generous efforts.

From the editor-in-chief Costas Voyatzis and the rest of the Yatzer team we wish you a wonderful and prosperous 2014, full of health, happiness, and exciting adventures.

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