Mec stool by Sebastian Jansson // photo by Alfredo Salazar

With the kind support of Veuve Cliquot champagne the Yatzer Team found itself in Milan to bring to you the very best from the design Mecca.  Apart from the posts which have been running the past week and the ones which will be running the next weeks, we selected the very best which were presented during Salone Satellite 2010 // 13th Edition...and we hope that you'll enjoy them as much as we did!
For the thirteenth consecutive year SaloneSatellite placed the spotlight on the world this year.  A world of colors – orange, blue, yellow, red and green - colors which represent the five major continents of the world; respectively, The Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.  700 young designers joined forces to create the “avenues” of the world by emphasizing an international unity spirit of this 13th edition. 

Mec stool by Sebastian Jansson // photo by Alfredo Salazar

Modern Times” by Johannes Tjernberg and Rasmus Malbert
“Ash” - a paraffin lamp, “Instant” - a series of table clocks, and “Pulse” - a docking station for mp3-players piece.

Strech chair by Carnevale studio //

Candil by Alvaro Catalan de Ocon //

Pieletrico by Alvaro Catalan de Ocon + Francesco Faccin //

Cloth x Metal by 3-1design //

bambi chair by studio juju //

Carbon Cradle by Julien Bernard // Photo by Michel Bonvin

washstand by private space furniture collection of Jannis Ellenberger

The Cut series by Daniel Enoksson, Lucas E Hinnerud and Jens Boldt.

Oblique, storage system by Olof Nordenson & Ulf Nilsson Jevin for Fulo

Oblique, storage system by Olof Nordenson & Ulf Nilsson Jevin for Fulo

Lian by Sebastian Herkner // (Underneath the glass dome you can highlight, display and save personal favorites, heirlooms or souvenirs.)

Generous Chair, by Lisa Hilland //

My Granddaughter’s Cabinet by Lisa Hilland //

Switchpoint by Matthias Ries //

Modrobe by Matthias Ries //

Mâché is a table by Matthias Ries (its table board consists of papier mâché only) //

Plus One by Matthias Ries //

 Offset Stool by Giorgio Biscaro //

Forest in new form by Swedish Ninja //

2010 collection by Postfossil

Ripple by Peter J. Pless //

TrystL by Peter J. Pless //

Le belge by Reinhard Dienes //

Bezier Table (detail) by Jarrod Lim //

Gable lamp by Jarrod Lim //

Still lives  by Yvonne Fehling & Jennie Peiz // photo by Frederik Busch

The “WEDDING" stool by DEDE (DextrousDesign) //

The “SKITCH” hanger by DEDE (DextrousDesign) //

Perpetual illusion (clock) by Delphine Frey //

Continue Time by Sander Mulder

Katakana Occasional chair by Dare studio // photo by Peter J Morgan

Wire group by Dare studio // photo by Peter J Morgan

Dressed chairs with TATA-NAKA by ROOMS //

Origami Hunter by Veronica Posada & Elio di Carlo (Due Amigos)

Daylight entrance in Stockholm by Daniel Rybakken // photo by Kalle Sanner & Daniel Rybakken

Grand Central expandable table (inspired by a pop-up map of N.Y. city) designed by Sanna Lindstom & Sigrid Stromgren

Stacking chair 001 by Well-Groomed-Fox (Emma Fox Derwin+ Nigel Groom) //

LED C/lamp by Well-Groomed-Fox (Emma Fox Derwin+ Nigel Groom) //

Forest series by Jun Sohyun //

FORBIDDEN VASE (covered with strips of leather) designed by Myriam B. Maguire/Fabrica for THE RIOT ACT Ceramic collection //

Pivot table by Lime studio //

Pivot table by Lime studio //

Ghost light by Lime studio //

LUZet lamp by Anna Seibel //

Draw me a lamb(p) by d-vision //

Acropora by d-vision //

100% Plastic by d-vision //

Starlight by d-vision //

Aurelia) by d-vision //

Light kiss by d-vision //

Llum lamp by Caterina Moretti & Héctor Mendoza for PECA //

NO THING by Brikolor //
" This year in Milan we had planned to launch our first product and to show several new prototypes. The work is done. But we aren't happy."

Staffan Holm's new collection // photo by  Kalle Sanner

Karusell, stackable stool by Staffan Holm // photo by  Kalle Sanner

Lamp & mirror bowls by Hallgeir Homstvedt //

2010 collection by Nachacht //

Lampenkran & Buchstuhl by Nachacht //

Stammtisch by Nachacht //

Aqua chair by Hyun-Dae Kang //

BEST of Salone Satellite 2010 by Yatzer

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