Spanish designers CuldeSac have designed the packaging for a new olive oil brand, El Mil del Poaig. The half-litre bottle, containing oil made from thousand year-old olive trees, is made of traditional Valencia ceramic and comes packed inside a wooden crate.


The Olive oil
Cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil from handpicked olives with a greeny yellow colour and very low acidity. Coming from 437 millenarian Farga olive trees, a variety native to the area of Maestrat on the east coast of Spain.
Produced by the Clot d´en Simó cooperative. An intense aroma of green olive with floral, apple and almond scents. A harmonic, initially sweet taste on the palate with a slightly bitter finish that gives way to the clean and pure freshness that defines the personality of the Farga variety.
The Father:
Actor Joaquin Solano / A fairly well known actor in Spain and very recognized in Valencia for his roles in various shows. He came to CuldeSac to develop the bottle, packaging and design as it´s one of the projects that are very personal and cherished. Together with Mil del Poaig have worked on every aspect of the product, which is now ready to hit the market and for which delicatessen companies from all over the world have shown great interest.
The Bottle:
Developed in traditional Valencian ceramics combining bisque with glazed porcelain.
The Design:
Developed in a way that each drop of the liquid gold is saved. Pure and sensual curves.
The Copy:
Inspired in Roman History the font is based on manuscripts found from the time in which the millinary trees where planted. (Located at the museum of the Castle of Sagunto in Valencia).
Each bottle is surrounded by the traditional mesh, with which the olives are collected from the tree even now a days in Spain.
The Packaging:
Contrasting with the sleek and delicate design of the bottle a hand made wooden crate protects each of these limited edition bottles with a security seal to guarantee it´s uniqueness.

Mil del Poaig / Company Profile
The company is a new founded company called Mil del Poaig. The name is based on the family hacienda that Joaquin Solanos grand parents owned in which he learned to love the precious olive oil of the region.
Years later together with his business partner Manuel Arnau they have located the necessary millinery trees throughout Valencia and Castellón to develop this limited edition. It´s produced locally with the latest technology and distributed directly through Mil del Poaig. El Poaig’s mission is to bring exclusive local products to a wider market.


El Mil del Poaig packaging design by CuldeSac

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