video No7

Dennis Gustafsson and Kim Demåne, Digital Media students from Hyper Island, talk about their last projects and the outcomes of those projects.Fluffbabes and Skopunkten.

Hyper Island has kindly asked yatzer to be part of their English recruitment campaign. Ten different video clips will be touring exclusively on a few sites, including yatzer, as well as on Hyper’s blog.

You can find more information about Hyper Island on their web site and on their blog; and

Hyper Island is one of the most credible Digital Media, Interactive Art Director- and Business Management-school in Sweden. Hyper Island is now recruiting to their Diploma Programs for English speaking people and this video is one of ten videos with the purpose to show what to expect when studying at Hyper. Ten different video clips will be touring exclusively on a few sites as well as on Hyper’s blog.’

Applicants and other interested are more than welcome to raise questions on Hyper’s blog or on yatzer.

The list of the sites that are streaming Hyper's videos are:

  1. FFF
  2. The strange Attractor
  3. by SO and SO
  4. aisleone
  5. It's nice that
  6. monster-munch
  7. yatzer
  8. Dracula Vs. Einstein
  9. motion design
  10. Mastercom
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Hyper Island's 7th video at Yatzer

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