Tangle Creations founder Richard X Zawitz, in partnership with Pierandrei Associati, Technodelta Srl of Milano, and Baci & Abbracci have joined together to co-produce and launch a unique line of sculpture-based furniture and an innovative lighting system based on Zawitz’s Infinity Art.
The Infinity collection was launched earlier this year at the Salone D' Mobili show in Milano, Italy and was well received by an extensive list of international buyers and designers. Overwhelmed by the strong interest and the European demand for this collection, Richard X Zawitz said: " I finally see the first true marriage between sculpture with furniture and lighting…even after 28 years of innovation and development of Infinity Art, I never imagined this collection would have been so timely and well understood as a breakthrough in contemporary aesthetics and design. With over 100 million copyrighted, commercial, mini-sculptures worldwide, Mr. Zawitz has evolved his mainstream art-based products far from its first origins as a hand-held, free-flowing movable sculpture piece, crossing over into new mediums like stone, wood, metal and mixed media across new iterations of his original Statue of Infinity stainless steel sculpture.
Crossing over into the world of interior design was a natural progression for Zawitz unique pieces that are based on the Tibetan infinite knot, containing a pattern of interwoven lines with no beginning and no end that symbolizes infinite life and creation. It was this symbol that captivated and inspired him artistically and ultimately bore the creation of one of Zawitz’s major works: the Statue of Infinity.
As part of this new Infinity collection: Art, Sky and Sun (two armchairs and a lighting system)are the first results of combining the ‘knot’ of stainless steel sections linked together in a seamless pattern that represents “continuous, potentially endless modularity.”
Pierandrei Associati, (well known for it's major projects with Maserati, North Sails Retail in Milano, the Duomo Design hotel, and other major partners), has been a key partner in the design of the Infinity Collection or better known as “Infinity Mobile” in Italy, establishing exclusive distribution for the collection in Europe to Baci & Abbracci design, a new division of Baci& Abbracci Srl, the famous lifestyle clothing brand from MIlano.
Fabrizio Pierandrei, the co-creator of the furniture said, We are really excited about this project and our collaboration with Richard X Zawitz, the grandfather of Infinity Art. With the reach and strength of our exclusive distribution partner, Baci & & Abbracci Design, we think the international community has already given us a preview during the recent Infinity Mobile at the Abitare Il Tempo show in Verona that they are ready for this line.”
Tangle Creations, is always at the forefront of avante guarde invention blended with modern yet practical design. The new release of their current lifestyle furniture will become available Spring 2009 at Salone De Mobile show and at other worldwide venues. The latest commission for Richard X Zawitz Infinity Art will be for a new, community development project in Dubai.
Visit Richard X. Zawitz art background page for more information on his collection of Infinity art and sculptures, including the Statue of Infinity.

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Infinity Furniture Collection by Tangle Creations

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